I’ll help you keep up with the latest in training. 

Hi, Ger Driesen here.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve tracked how learning is changing.

The rate of change is accelerating.

This makes it hard to keep up. An L&D colleague even told me trying to keep up is like drinking from the fire hose.

Within the learning community I’m known as the L&D trend catcher. I follow trends, speak at conferences and work together with thought leaders in the industry. This allows me to keep both feet on the ground next time a new trend takes off.

To help others do the same, I curate the best reads twice a month. I share a short summary and include my take on it.

My leading notes might still keep you thirsty for more, but at least you won’t be drinking from the fire hose!


Ger Driesen
Learning Innovation Leader

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