Create and iterate on your training

An editor tailor-made for training companies allows you to confidently build training that scales along with your long-term business goals.

Content creation Content management Look & feel
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Content creation

Easily create or migrate any content types

Drag & drop with the plus-editor which supports images, video, and embeds from anywhere.

Import from Word documents using our Content Converter.

Content management

Manage all your training content flexibly

Manage your training content flexibly with re-usable content libraries.

Manage users and access with templates - create once and open it up to groups of learners!

Look & feel

Allow your brand shine through the courses

Bring your A-game to the table—create high-quality training programs that are didactically sound and branded with your signature styling.

Breathe fresh life into the same training course

Offer training programs with distinct branding elements in your clients' look & feel.

Deliver training that is unique to each sub environment which makes multi-organisational delivery seamless!

Our platform offering

The features you need to create, refresh and re-use content

Powerful native authoring tool

Use the plus-editor to build engaging learning journeys with multiple-choice questions, hotspots and integrations.

Curate (external) content

Mix and match videos, images and third-party hosted media — add in Prezi, Slideshare, blogs, Youtube videos or Vimeo.

Reuse and manage content

Create several courses based on the same content with central content libraries and manage content using tags.

Course templates and instances

Any course can have its own design, instructors, start date and enrolment method.

Multi-organisational learning

Create your own style — sub-environments each come with their own URL, branding and catalogues.

Enable learning on the go

Content pages built in aNewSpring are responsive — our course is instantly ready for mobile.

“aNewSpring provides a great way to improve the way your learners retain information and improve the return on investment.”

Stefan van den TolChief customer officer
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Build unforgettable learning experiences

The aNewSpring approach always begins with understanding the business case behind your learning requirements.

Our learning experts are keen to guide you with didactical challenges and make sure your learners experience impactful learning journeys.

Versatile course content management

A hassle-free way to create learning journeys

Course templates and instances

Any course can have its own design, instructors, start date and enrolment method.

Re-use and manage content

Create multiple courses based on the same content, by using central content libraries. A clear overview of your content pieces can be made with the use of tagging.

Build your course content with familiar tools

You can also rely on popular document editing software to create your learning content within aNewSpring.

Get started today

Keep evolving your training with minimal effort and ensure your learning content stays fresh, updated and relevant. The future of learning is fluid!