Coaching begins with proactive intervention

With better insight into your learners' progress, you add more value and become an even better coach!

Insights Intervention Efficiency
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Stop guessing the impact of your training

Dive into the numbers on the learner dashboard and locate points of action.

Find out which learners need an extra hand from real-time custom reports.


Step in — extend learning beyond a training

Keep the learning alive by sharing ideas and articles with learners - one-on-one, or one-to-many.

Ensure unbiased calibration of instructors and offer valuable feedback.


Streamline coaching workflows

Manage learners efficiently. Group them together and automate processes maximise coaching impact.

Guide learners every step with feedback and support for higher engagement.

Game changing tools for coaching

Navigate and improve the program based on learner progress and results. Coaching is your superpower - aNewSpring has the tools to free up your focus and concentrate on your expertise.

Our platform offering

The features you need to help you become a better coach

Set up learner groups

Easily split your courses into learner groups: (sub)groups, classes or departments.

Discuss assignments

Instructors receive notifications, can provide feedback and easily grade assignments.

Get notified of progress

Trainers stay up to date with their learners through notifications of progress and results.

Dashboards and reports

Never lose track of progress and dive in when the data indicates that someone needs help.

Reach out to learners

Message learners individually or address them as a group, including directly from the dashboard.

Measure and improve

Collect and report anything that is captured in aNewSpring and continuously improve the learning journey.

“When I was a trainer I was looking for a way to let my leaners remember what I taught them. Because I couldn't find a solution, I started aNewSpring.”

René PersoonOwner and founder
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