Help people learn better by focusing on what they need

Your learners love to learn, but hate to study. aNewSpring allows you to create engaging and personalised learning experiences that result in impactful outcomes.

Intuitive Motivating Personalised
Training providers just like you rely on aNewSpring to fuel impactful learning
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New Leaf Technologies
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Stop distracting learners from the actual learning

Aid learners to concentrate on your content with an overview and intuitive interface.

Speed up the learning curve with a platform that is easy to navigate!


Motivate your learners to achieve goals

Help learners see what to do next based on their learning goals and results.

Notify them about feedback and events, encourage discussions, offer references and track their own progress.


Step away from learning that is "one-size-fits-all"

Serve each learner with only those learning activities they need, based on their goals and knowledge level.

Help your learners retain and remember more with spaced repetition.

The best of both worlds - balance virtual and classroom training

Respect your learners' time by maximising productivity.

Keep them engaged with a blend of the right learning activities, from hand-in assignments to tests or quizzes; bridge the gap between classroom sessions so their love for learning doesn't diminish; and provide them with the means to learn on the go!

Our platform offering

The features you need to deliver an engaging learning experience

Intuitive experience

Allow learners to focus on the subject matter instead of the tool.

Mix and match

Host diverse learning activities and release them in any sequence.

Learn and retain

Help learners store what they learn in their long-term memory.

Learn on the go

Learners can choose to learn from anywhere, at anytime with a phone app.

SCORM compatible

Easily enrich your existing SCORM content within aNewSpring.

Share achievements

Allow learners to showcase a portfolio of their certificates and diplomas.

“There are many possibilities with aNewSpring to build blended learning programs with and for our clients. Working with aNewSpring, and their support team is simple, quick, efficiënt and constructive. It’s the most user friendly system to work with.”

Stephanie BaeleProduct Development manager, CRIMECONTROL n.v.
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Build unforgettable learning experiences

The aNewSpring approach always begins with understanding the business case behind your learning requirements.

Our learning experts are keen to guide you with didactical challenges and make sure your learners experience impactful learning journeys.

Find the right sparring partners

Profiles and competencies

Facilitate personalised growth pathways for learners

Personalised learning

Conditional activities enable learning journeys based on rules

Visualise growth path

Deliver learning in ways that allows learners control over their growth

Empower learners to learn on the go!

Contact support to learn about the aNewSpring app for learners

Get started today

Keep evolving your training with minimal effort and ensure your learning content stays fresh, updated and relevant. The future of learning is fluid!