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Publish your course on any eLearning course catalog with a single click and grow the reach of your training exponentially.

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Training providers just like you rely on aNewSpring to grow their reach
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Catalogs & webshops

Open up new markets for your training

Sell courses through online webshops and catalogues.

Create catalogues for each customer, in their own branding.

Publish once, enrol learners from anywhere.


Utmost flexibility to enrol and engage learners

Enrol learners to the right environment through LMS integrations, access codes and single sign-on.

Reach learners on an app and empower them to learn at their own pace.

Signature branding

Breathe fresh life into your training program

Offer training with in your clients' look & feel.

Deliver unique training for each sub-environment, making multi-organisational delivery seamless.

Retain ownership of your training content

Stop worrying about anyone breaching your IP - aNewSpring secures your content while opening up audiences for it. We just connect the learner to you!

Our platform offering

The features you need to scale and grow your training business

Multiple catalogues

Create and manage different catalogs to serve multiple customers.

Multiple branding for one course

Offer a course in your own look & feel or in the branding of your clients.

aNewSpring or your own branded app

Use the aNewSpring app or get your own branded learning app (App Store / Google Play).

Plug into your ecosystem

With single sign-on, open standards and APIs, work seamlessly with your existing tools.

Multi-organisational learning

Create multiple sub-environments each with its own URL, branding and catalogues.

Multiple content libraries

Multiple content libraries enable several organisations to collaborate on course creation.

“I’m incredibly excited about aNewSpring. It’s just what I need to run my training courses. It’s user-friendly and most important of all: when I need help, I receive a response from the help desk within 24 hours.”

Karin de GalanOwner, School voor Training
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Why fly solo when we can help?

Do you have a brilliant learning plan ready to go, but just need someone for those final steps to get it up and running on the platform? Maybe you have the basic idea of what you want to achieve, but need a bit of help to scale it up, and make it future-proof. We have a lot of partners that offer specialised help, an extra set of hands or strongly integrated software.

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Keep evolving your training with minimal effort and ensure your learning content stays fresh, updated and relevant. The future of learning is fluid!