Ger’s Learning Notes #52: Fifty-fifty

08 March, 2023| Ger Driesen| 4 min read

While writing this, I’m still in a very good mood related to the Bronze Learning Impact Award that we won at LPI’s awards show in London. Our submission covered the adaptive learning case and the related research that we did together with our customer BSL. Showing a 30+% shorter time to complete by independent research has been a win in itself; getting recognition by winning an international award for it is the icing on the cake.

Now back to you dear readers. What I’ve noticed over the years is that some of you like overviews and reports in the Learning Notes and others prefer practical ‘how-to’ tips. So, to try to serve both categories, I’ve decided to mix it up this time. Fifty-fifty, two posts on reports and two on tips. It’s all reading, so I promise to watch out for video and podcast material for episode 53.

Meanwhile, here at aNewSpring everybody is looking forward to euughhh… a new spring! Did you know one of our founders liked the good vibe of a new spring arriving with nice sunny weather, birds singing, the smell of fresh mown lawn and the joyful people so much that he wanted to create a company based on that vibe?! He did and we will celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. Who knows, perhaps some special activities will be organised for that…

But first, read this episode and see what’s in it for you. Suggestions and feedback are welcome as always. I hope to hear from you!

The 2023 L&D Global Sentiment Survey - by Donald H. Taylor

What’s it about?

Simply brilliant to ask only one question and create an interesting report about it: What will be hot in L&D? Here are the results.

Why read it?

  • Be aware of what is on the mind of almost 4000 learning professionals from 100 different countries and what they think will be ‘hot’ in 2023.

  • Read what Don has to say about the results and what they mean.

  • Be aware: It’s about sentiment and thus doesn’t mean respondents are really working on these topics. Also, don’t forget about regional differences.

Where to find it?

Job skills of 2023 report - by Coursera

What’s it about?

Coursera shows which job skills are high in demand in 2023. It’s based on an analysis of enterprise users and consists of four million participants in more than 100 countries.

Why read it?

  • Get an impression of which job skills are high in demand and see what these insights mean for you.

  • Compare digital job skills with what Coursera calls “human job skills”.

  • Use the insights to reflect on your current situation as a training provider or internal learning professional and see if you want (and need) to adjust.

Where to find it?

Creating better video for learning (trilogy) - by Patti Shank

What’s it about?

In this trilogy, Patti Shank takes a deep dive into why and how videos can be good to support learning. Additionally, she looks at how to do it for maximum learning impact.

Why read it?

  • Like all writings by Patti Shank, you’ll get a good overview of pros and cons and everything is evidence-backed (with an overview of the sources).

  • Video is popular and often seems an undefeated ‘must have’ part of your learning design, but Patti shows you that video is ‘just a tool’ like any other. So, make a deliberate choice.

  • After exploring pros and cons in part one and how learners process video in part two, part three shows you how to use video for the best learning results. We like that!

Where to find it?

L&D professionals… Steal like an artist - by Catherine Lombardozzi

What’s it about?

Catherine Lombardozzi advises to make use of what others already tried and tested, and adjust it to your own context. Like how Austin Kleon advises in his book: ‘Steal like an artist’. Like I do when I make the Learning Notes!

Why read it?

  • Learn how and why it is good to make use of what’s already out there.

  • She says it implicitly but also rather clearly: just copying won’t do the job. Mix, add, revise and above all, make it meaningful for the audience you serve.

  • Make use of the 17 resources that she offers; they are linked in the article. The links to the books might not work based on your location, but you can use the titles and find them in your area.

Where to find it?

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