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Make your training an engaging learning journey for your learners. Seamlessly blend online and offline learning activities and make your courses adapt to each learner.

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"I’m incredibly excited about aNewSpring. It’s just what I need to run my training courses. It’s user-friendly and most important of all: when I need help, I receive a response from the help desk within 24 hours."

Karin de Galan, Owner of School for Training

"Blended learning is the starting point for all our soft skills training programmes. The learning platform we used previously was not stable, something that caused us a lot of problems. I am totally happy with aNewSpring’s learning journey platform. The system always works."

Werner Hoenders, Owner of Hoenders Training

"There are many possibilities with aNewSpring to build blended learning programs with and for our clients. Working with aNewSpring, and their support team is simple, quick, efficiënt and constructive. It’s the most user friendly system to work with."

Stephanie Baele, Product Development Manager at CRIMECONTROL N.V.

"aNewSpring is a great community with an outstanding product. aNewSpring also organises collaboration sessions and shares many webinars and blogs. This is how we become stronger together."

Annemarie Veth, L&D Specialist, Door Training & Coaching

More than just another learning platform

Training Improvement Engine

Gain access to intelligent technology, insights and a network of learning pioneers that help people learn better. It's your Training Improvement Engine.

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Adaptive learning

Imagine your learners going through a training course that adapts to them. Build it with our adaptive learning platform.

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Blended learning

Use ‘the right blend’ of learning interventions and approaches for your specific audience towards achieving the appropriate learning outcomes and goals, in their specific context.

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Learn & retain

What's the use of learning something new if you are not able to retain it? Our unique combination of learning and retaining in one platform ensures that new skills stick.

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Built for scaling your training business

Create and deliver courses or training as products

Productise your training with robust content management and delivery from aNewSpring - the foundational blocks to build, scale, and sell your training offering.

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Help learners remember

Make retention work with MemoTrainer™

Reinforce learning concepts at structured intervals and help your learners beat the forgetting curve. With the MemoTrainer, send reminders to learners to check in and complete the selection of questions laid out for them!

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Up 77 places in Jane Hart’s Top 200 Tools for Learning in 2020

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