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Designed for training providers

Our learning enhancement platform is designed to empower training providers to create exceptional learning products that help professionals learn smarter and perform better. Most LMS’s focus on the management of learning but training providers need a learning platform that focuses on delivering an excellent user experience to their learners. Read more »

““aNewSpring aligns well with our vision for improved member benefits and our strategy for blended learning. The platform will help to differentiate our compliance training from our competition.”
Andrew Herbert, Executive Director of Finance at Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

“aNewSpring is specially designed for me as a training provider”.
John Johnson, Cactus Sales Trainer

Inspiring learning journeys from our clients

Our learning enhancement platform

Blended learning works!

The more diverse your learning path, the more engaging and effective your learning becomes. With aNewSpring you can create learning journeys that combine videos, 360° assessments, exams, webinars, events, and much more.
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“aNewSpring is an awesome blended learning platform”.
John Johnson, Cactus Sales Trainer

Adapt and reinforce

Strangely, most courses are still one-size-fits-all. All learners are unique! The smart algorithms in aNewSpring make your courses adapt to each individual’s results and forgetting curve.
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“aNewSpring makes my courses adapt to each individual student”.
John Johnson, Cactus Sales Trainer

Build and Deliver
Content Yourself

Easy authoring and flexible content management is included. Choose a theme or let us design a custom look & feel for you. Enrolment options like catalogue, SCORM or access codes are included.
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Retain More

Unfortunately people forget. Reinforce what you’ve learned with our smart MemoTrainer™. Each learner is personally trained on what they are about to forget.
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Learner UX and

Our user interface is created to provide you and your learner an optimal and intuitive learning experience. Courses are instantly ready for mobile.

Working =

To link training to performance in the workplace you can create ‘work-learn-environments’ that include a community of practice, job aids, performance support and micro learning. Readily available and up to date at the moment of need.

Powerful Learning
is Social

A community of learners creates a rich source of knowledge. Discussion and annotation tied into your content creates powerful learning for trainers and participants. aNewSpring creates a safe place to interact while learning.
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Your Success is
Our Success

It is easy to start your inspiring learning journey. aNewSpring works in the cloud. If you create excellent learning products we are happy too! You only pay per learner you enrol. Start building your learning journeys now for free!
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Get inspired by other aNewSpring users. Network with e-learning peers. aNewSpring organises events and provides resources to help training providers innovate learning.

Our dedicated service team is available to help you get started building your inspiring learning journeys.

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