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Trainers and training providers can easily create and deliver powerful blended learning adaptive learning social learning


Create more impact with aNewSpring

The right mix engages learners

Free-up valuable classroom time for impactful trainer-student interactions and engage your learners online with videos, 360° assessments, quizzes, surveys, webinars and much more.

All learners are unique

Strangely, most courses are still one-size-fits-all. The algorithms in aNewSpring automatically make your courses adapt to each individual learner.

We learn from each other

Your community of learners is a valuable source of knowledge. Discussions tied to your content and peer review assignments will create powerful learning.


Help your learners remember what you have taught them.

Unfortunately, people forget. Beat the forgetting curve for the best passing rates. Each learner receives daily reminders based on what he or she is about to forget.

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  • How other training providers
    use aNewSpring

    ‘I’m incredibly excited about aNewSpring. It’s just what I need to run my training courses, it’s user-friendly and most important of all: when I need help, I receive a response from the help desk within 24 hours.’

    Karin de Galan – Owner, School for Training

  • How other training providers
    use aNewSpring

    ‘Outsourcing to a party like aNewSpring allows us to focus on what we are good at. This has unburdened our business, a lot. We now feel we are able to accelerate our business going forward.’

    Jerry de Leeuw – Founder, Entrima

  • How other training providers
    use aNewSpring

    There are many possibilities with aNewSpring to build blended learning programs with and for our clients. Working with aNewSpring, and their support team is simple, quick, efficiënt and constructive. It’s the most user friendly system to work with.

    Stephanie Baele – Product Development Manager, CRIMECONTROL n.v.

The learning platform for training providers

Most LMS’s focus on the organisation of learning, but training providers need a learning platform that focuses on managing and delivering powerful learning products that help professionals learn smarter and perform better.

  • Intuitive learner experience
  • Content management, roles & permissions
  • Enrolment options & integrations
  • Custom reporting
  • Sell, resell & white label
  • Security and continuity guaranteed

‘Blended learning is the starting point for all our soft skills training programmes.’

‘The learning platform we used previously was not stable, something that caused us a lot of problems. I am totally happy with aNewSpring’s learning journey platform. The system always works.’

Werner Hoenders, Owner
Hoenders Training

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With the Inspiring Learning Cookbook!

The inspiring learning cookbook is a perfect step in the door.
It explains the basic steps of developing an online learning course.

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