Ger's Learning Notes #53: Learning podcasts

05 April, 2023| Ger Driesen| 3 min read

“Podcasts are hotter than an American setting on a thermostat in Europe,” is a quote I heard recently. It’s a nice tool to keep up with new topics and insights regarding certain professions. As learning and development professionals, we are blessed to have a whole range of interesting podcasts about our profession. In previous editions of my Learning Notes, you could find some specific podcasts that covered one of the central topics of that episode.

Last December, I joined a conference session by John Helmer and Donald Clark at Online Educa Berlin. John gave a great introduction about his journey as a podcast producer. After that, he recorded a live episode of the ‘Great Minds on Learning’ podcast together with Donald Clark. A very nice experience. Look out for them; they might do it again soon in your neighbourhood! In fact, they will do so in my neighbourhood on April 18th at the NextLearning event in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. So, if you are around, seize the opportunity.

It was hard for me to choose which podcasts to include in this episode, but I decided to stick to the regular four resources that I usually share. Of course, there are many more excellent learning podcasts out there. So, it’s possible that I didn’t include one (in English) that you think deserved to be in this list. If so, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m looking forward to your suggestions.

The Learning Hack & Great Minds on Learning - by John Helmer (and Donald Clark)

What’s it about?

The Learning Hack podcast is about significant innovations that are shaping the future of learning; the Great Minds on Learning podcast shares the history of thought and theorising about learning with Donald Clark in a way that only he can do.

Why listen to it?

  • Showrunner and host John Helmer has a background in marketing but also in music: he knows about studios and recording leading to a very high quality podcast. You can definitely hear that.

  • With The Learning Hack, you’ll learn about all new things and perspectives on learning (like in episode 77 on Podcasts for Learning)!

  • Great Minds on Learning is a must-listen if you want to be informed about the history of learning, from Aristotle to the present day.

Where to find it?

Mind Tools Podcast - by Gemma Towersey, Ross Dickie, Owen Ferguson & Ross Garner

What’s it about?

For me, this is the mother of all L&D podcasts. It started as the Good Practice and is now called Mind Tools. It has arrived (at the moment of writing this edition in early April 2023) at its 337th episode!

Why listen to it?

  • It’s fabulous how the team of Gemma, Ross, Ross and Owen always create the special atmosphere that characterises their show.

  • It’s unbelievable how Owen Ferguson always comes up with so many wise and useful comments or specific angles, no matter what the topic is.

  • With 337 episodes and growing, you’ll have a repository of high quality podcasts covering almost any topic you can think of related to learning.

Where to find it?

Learning Uncut Podcast - by Michelle Ockers

What’s it about?

Combine learning with Australia and you’ll end up at Michelle Ockers. Via her podcast series, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best L&D pro’s and cases from Down Under (but also from other parts of the world).

Why listen to it?

  • Australia has a real professional and nice learning community, and you can hear their voices in this podcast.

  • As a host, Michelle always steers the conversation to sharp and applicable insights, and often puts them in a broader perspective.

  • You’ll also find the Energent series in which Michelle works together with two other ‘power-L&D-ladies’ Laura Overton (UK) and Shannon Tipton (USA).

Where to find it?

The Learning and Development Podcast - by David James

What’s it about?

In this series of podcasts, David James is trying to change the conversation related to learning in a direction of added value and outcomes rather than activities.

Why listen to it?

  • If you want inspiration on how to pivot the results of learning activities to (organisational) outcomes, this is the place to be.

  • Also, here you’ll find a large repository of 100+ episodes with a rather heavy (but not sole!) focus on members of the UK L&D community.

  • Find some inspirational angles from other business functions to apply in your approach to learning focused on outcomes.

Where to find it?

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