Measure & improve for the best outcomes

aNewSpring allows you to continuously measure and improve your learning journey to create the best possible training that translates to business outcomes.

Insights Evaluation and feedback Iterative improvement
The customers and partners that are already benefitting from these platform features

Visualise progress and advise next steps

Dive into your learners' needs and adapt journeys for them with advanced analytics dashboards.

Help learners get more out of your training with 360° overview on progress.

Evaluation and feedback

Know where to improve

Strengthen your offering and stand out as a training business based on learning impact.

Nurture a loyal following by constantly improving your training offering.

Iterative improvement

Gather feedback to help learners grow

Tap into the pulse of your learner with feedback surveys, NPS and trainer evaluations.

Discover tangible opportunities for improvement, for learners and your course design.

Create the best training

Push the boundaries of your training - get learners performance-ready. Optimise didactics and design based on insights from learning patterns and feedback. Tailor your training to drive adoption and engagement.

What we offer

The features that help you to measure & improve

Create custom reports

Generate custom reports at the learner level.

Offer help where needed

Send messages to individual learners right from the dashboard.

Gather targeted feedback

from customers and learners through surveys and NPS.

Unbiased quality checks

Comply with SETA requirements: assess instructors and offer feedback.

Refresh and reuse templates

Edit even after you publish and reuse templates to keep improving.

Measure and improve

Collect and report anything that is captured, and continuously improve.

“Showcasing all the relevant data into one dashboard really made it more meaningful for our customers.”

Michael HanlyManaging Director, New Leaf Technologies
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Make us a part of your ecosystem!

Integrate external learning activities and tools to enrich your learning journeys.

Check out which integrations can be made between your aNewSpring environment and an external system.

Contact our support team to get more information about this.

The Training Intelligent System

Integrating aNewSpring with Power BI

An out-of-the-box solution

See details like completion rates and progress of learners. Results can be tailored for different stakeholders within the business- for example, line manager will see a different set of indicators from a director.

Automate workflows

Connect the data to workflow automation tools - if learner drops out at a certain point, an automated email notification is sent out.

Easily accessible

Access to the dashboard is directly through aNewSpring. Embedded as a course tile, users can view insights in real-time by simply clicking on it.

Want to get started with Power BI or need extra help with your learning journey?

Contact support to find the right parter for you!

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Keep evolving your training with minimal effort and ensure your learning content stays fresh, updated and relevant. The future of learning is fluid!