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Why fly solo when we can help? We have a lot of partners that offer specialised help, an extra set of hands or strongly integrated software.

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Technical Partners

Our technical partners can help you with smartly integrated software. Each partner offers an external system that helps to enhance your aNewSpring environment in different ways. Keep scrolling to discover some of the content, administration and HR system champions that we recommend.

Service Partners

Our service partners can help you create or improve your blended or online courses. From brainstorming and task management, to blended learning transformations and even local support when you're far from home, our service partners are ready to assist.


Contemporary, tailored to the target group and didactically sound, AcademySuite has all the knowledge and experience in house: educationalists, copywriters, designers, photographers, videographers and e-learning builders.

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Arlo Training Management Company

Arlo offers training management software specifically designed for commercial training providers. From CRM, to the website, to course management and more - all the way to invoicing. Arlo also connects to the existing systems you use or of course, aNewSpring's.

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Chainwise develops company software to optimise processes for trainers and training providers. Looking for a way to have all your administration in one place - from acquisition to invoicing? That's possible with Chainwise in their course planner.

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Coachview describes their software as the backbone of your course administration. All processes can be executed and automated within their system. This results n a beeter overview and less manual labour.

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DevelopUS helps with training augmentation, onboarding programmes, knowledge transfer and/or avoidance of "death by powerpoin"

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epowerHR develops software that helps with HR-related activities. their different tools are user-friendly, efficient and saves time in terms of administration, training management and so much more.

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Eduonet centralises all the important data and information regarding your organisation with their CRM software. It is safe, GDPR-proof and adaptable to your team's needs thanks to various module options.

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Flipped develops on and offline learning methods for businesses, social service providers, government and educators. They refine, improve and test existing learning resources in your organisation so they are future-proofed.

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HBtraining thinks along with you about an efficient learning path that takes people and your organisation to the pinnacle of their abilities. Do you need a performance boost, targeted and measurable learning paths tailored to your challenges, HBtraining can help.

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hihaho makes use of interactive videos accessible for everyone, no matter the goal or industry you work in. How? With their software you can easily create this type ocontent yourself.

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Inmisceo helps training providers become successful with their blended learning journeys in aNewSpring. They build and deliver content you need, supplemented by data tools, marketing and pricing strategies.

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iPro offers a boutique approach to the implementation of training projects in the e-learning formula. They incorporate innovative gamification mechanics into their design solutions. With this they are able to deliver engaging “non-linear” e-trainings.

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JR Plus

JR Plus is a complete system for student management. In this software, compliance essentials are combined with advanced features. This way, your organisation has everything it needs (plus a little more) in one system to become and remain successful.

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LogiTrainer worldwide transforms the lack of knowledge into an abundance of expertise in logistics. For corporate learning and development providers Logitrainer turns learning and development into services and products

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New Leaf Technologies

NewLeaf Technologies creates engaging, memorable and pedagogically aligned eLearning experiences, saving you time, money and resources by creating stimulating and relevant course content.

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Planaday offers courses and training software with various functionalities. The possibilities range from managing registrations, to course participant communications and lots in between!

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Promatis is a certified service partner of aNewSpring that helps you accommodate your processes and your learning management in one place. Promatis helps to map out training processes and procedures ensuring an efficient management of training activities.

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Readspeaker is a true pioneer when it comes to text-to-speech solutions. Their technology quite literally gives a voice to organisations. Their library boasts one - or actually over, 200, voices that sound natural and are available in over 35+different languages.

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ReadyTech offers a full suite of people-centric software. They represent aNewSpring on the Australian continent. They deliver the same quality service as aNewSpring's own customer success heroes. This includes implementation, support, and long-term involvement for your success.

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Teletrain's strength lies in its ability to convert conventional classroom courses to online or blended options. They take the guess-work out of the process, contributing instead to building up your self-sufficiency. Having worked with aNewSpring for over 10 years, TeleTrain can help you to quickly accelerate to achieving your goals.

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TWI Company

The TWI Company method teaches employees how to perform flawlessly. From introducing new processes to scaling up teams or securing improvements. TWI Company's main focus has been the food industry; it is also active in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

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