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In a personal demo we would like to show what aNewSpring can do for your organisation. Please leave your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

During the demo we show you all the ins & outs of our platform:

  • Experience aNewSpring from a learner perspective
  • Explore how you can easily design a learning journey
  • Learn how the various functionalities of our platform (e.g. the training catalogue) could work for you
  • Get advice on which functionalities and integrations would fit your learning journey ambitions
  • Ask us anything!

Preview the platform

Watch this video to get a first impression of our learning platform, of course nothing can compare with a personal demo.

Blended learning is
the starting point
for all our soft skills
training programmes.

The learning platform we used
previously was not stable, something
that caused us a lot of problems.
I am totally happy with aNewSpring’s
learning journey platform.
The system always works.

Werner Hoenders
Owner, Hoenders Training

I’m incredibly excited
about aNewSpring. It’s
just what I need to
run my training courses.

It’s user-friendly and most
important of all: when I need
help, I receive a response
from the help desk within
24 hours.

Karin de Galan
Owner, School for Training

There are many possibilities
with aNewSpring to build
blended learning programs
with and for our clients.

Working with aNewSpring,
and their support team is simple,
quick, efficiënt and constructive.
It’s the most user friendly system
to work with.

Stephanie Baele
Product Development Manager

Trainers and training providers use aNewSpring for effective online and blended learning

aNewSpring is the online learning platform for training providers that enables learners to learn faster and perform better. And that is necessary because training providers play an important role in themes such as retraining for occupations facing shortages, training professionals in ‘the 100-year life’ and the limited shelf life of knowledge. In addition, participants increasingly expect trainings to be personalised (for example, by applying adaptivity) and they want to be able to learn when it suits them.

With aNewSpring you can create whatever you want by using the richest toolbox of learning option. This provides every participant with an optimal learning experience on any device. If you have a question, our renowned support department will help you quickly.

And it doesn’t end there, because aNewSpring can do much more. With aNewSpring you can effortlessly create, unlock and manage your content. You can also set up many different roles, create demos and separate environments for clients and so on. In short, it has everything you need as a training provider to be successful online, without having to worry about it.

In summary, aNewSpring offers you:

The richest toolbox of learning options

The best learning experience for participants

The most approachable support in the world

Convenience and time-savings for users