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When it comes to online social learning: the people are the platform

Ger Driesen
Learning Innovation Leader, aNewSpring

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Jobs-to-be-Done for learning design A fresh outlook with Mariël Rondeel

I’ve always looked at the ‘Jobs-to-be-Done’ framework. Last year, I devoted Learning Notes #38 to this and the extensive blog post ‘The Jobs-to-be-Done approach: empathy that matters for learning eXperience design’.

A year later, the framework is still relevant and interesting as ever! Within aNewSpring, we’re currently looking closely at ‘learning impact’ as the current theme of our aNewLetter.

When I think of making a learning impact, the JTDB method quickly comes to mind. And I’m not alone in this, because recently I had a very interesting conversation about the concept with Mariël Rondeel of Kessels & Smit.

Ger’s Learning Notes #47: Learning Impact

Have you ever had a colleague who didn’t want to make an impact? I have never experienced that. I guess we all hope that our work has a positive impact in the end. Hard work doesn’t really do the trick; smart work does.

This episode is packed with resources by the best of the best. The resources are evidence-based too, to help you create the positive impact that you are aiming for. Learning is too important to leave it to chance. Designing learning is not only a beautiful and purposeful profession but also a one with huge responsibility. You can do it if you know how and apply what works based on evidence. I hope this will help you.

Introducing: the never-ending story of learning impact

The quest for learning impact has always been an important topic, and it will always stay an important topic. New challenges ask for new solutions, and ongoing technological advancements create new opportunities. No matter the role that you have in the learning community – as a learning designer, provider, consultant, trainer or internal professional – there is a big chance that your stakeholders will be interested and challenge you to show impact.

Interview with Rob Hubbard: how learning creates change

Making the world a little better, that’s Rob Hubbard’s goal with his company LearningAge Solutions. He, his wife Tess and their team work with companies and people with the right intentions and working methods. They screen all parties before they start working with them.

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