Successful training companies put the learner first

The training market is changing rapidly. Competition is growing fast: ‘all-you-can-learn’ platforms, LinkedIn Learning, even YouTube, and also AI-generated training. For you as a trainer or training provider, this provides great opportunities, but also threats.

Get this e-book and become a frontrunner through the insights from 10 industry leaders and experts boiled down to 3 guiding principles.

Discover the secret to win

Of course you do what you love most: develop training that really makes a difference and really helps people to learn. It’s time to reveal the secrets to winning in the training realm with this e-book: ‘Successful training companies put the learner first’.

What can you expect in the download:

  • Ten (award-winning) training providers and learning experts on their vision and the importance of this focus.

  • Really find out what your learner needs and how to leverage that.

  • Three guiding principles for successful training.

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Extreme focus on the learner

An extreme focus on the learner ensures that you always provide a challenge, which leads to good learning results. But how do you do that? With this e-book you will learn how to ensure satisfied customers, satisfied learners and how to stand out from other training providers.

Which three guiding principles are discussed?

1. Really understand what your learner needs
In this e-book, we explore the theory that many learning problems will be solved by AI in the future. So what remains, and where the training provider comes in, are the hard-to-solve problems that require a deep understanding of the learner.

2. Help translate theory into improved performance in practice
It is important to translate the theory during training into practice. This makes your training much more relevant because it contributes to your business objectives. This is due to more motivation, better performance and engagement among your learners.

3. Partner in talent development by linking training to business goals
L&D decision-makers today are looking for a partner in talent development that helps influence the business outcome. This way, a sustainable relationship is created that leads to growth, as satisfied (and successful) customers spread the word to others who are also looking for success.

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Get the e-book 'Successful training companies put the learner first' and become a frontrunner through the insights from 10 industry leaders and experts boiled down to 3 guiding principles.

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"Over the years, I found my way step by step to put the learner at the center of my learning design activities and during presentations and training. And to me, it made my work more interesting and rewarding."

Ger DriesenLearning Innovation Leader
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