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AI & Learning Design Masterclass with Dr. Philippa Hardman

Follow this unique blended masterclass with Dr. Philippa Hardman at your own leisure. Learn how AI can help you design better training, more easily.

On-demand Masterclass

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Follow engaging pre-work on the latest AI insights. Watch a 90-minute masterclass with Dr. Philippa Hardman herself. Access bonus insights to ensure you leave this experience ready to excel!

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Dr. Philippa Hardman

Dr. Philippa Hardman is one of the leading experts on the topic of AI and learning design. She has more than 20 years of experience in researching and designing for online and blended learning at Universities like Cambridge and Harvard.

Other participants about the Masterclass:

Allison Creed, Ph.D - Lecturer and L&D Specialist

“A truly insightful masterclass”

“It has boosted my understanding and skills in AI for learning design. I will definitely be applying this professional development to all training opportunities. Exited the masterclass feeling motivated and empowered! Thank you 😊”

Orna Mulhern - Leadership Development Coordinator

“This was a brilliant mix”

“Synchronous and asynchronous learning, with the opportunity to engage in a live webinar with Dr Philippa Hardman, as well as to reflect on learning and personal practices before and after. Thanks to Roy de Vries and his team for this opportunity.”

Louise Clark - Learning Technologist and Consultant

“This was a perfect introduction”

“This was a perfect introduction for me and has really inspired me to explore the possibilities of AI in Instructional Design. Great input from everyone who attended. Thank you.”

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