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Hundreds of training providers use aNewSpring to build inspiring learning journeys. Rely on an evidence-based approach, to help people learn and retain more.

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Make your training an engaging learning journey

Seamlessly blend online and offline learning activities and make your courses adapt to each learner. Save yourself and your learners time, money and a lot of hassle.

Design blended learning

A rich learning experience should also maximise the ROI of learning, for your learners are investing something valuable - their time! Mix and match a huge variety of learning activities such as quiz questions, events, surveys, and videos together with classroom training in a blended learning journey.

Bring different activities together in a blend

Adapted learning paths

Design your learning journey by focusing on points of attention that root learners to the material. The goal is to show them what they need to know - no more, no less. A clear and personal overview, integrated social tools, and enabling retention through repetition allow you to do just that!

Build an adaptive learning pathway for learners

Get more value from your tools

Productise training

Built for scaling your training business.

Looking for one spot to build, sell and scale your training offering? Use the foundational blocks that the aNewSpring platform offers.

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Grow and progress

Equip your learners with control over their progress

Your learners are looking for progress and accomplishment. Guide and nudge them towards learning outcomes by bundling journeys together and linking them to competencies that they can achieve!

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Strive to improve

Iteratively improve your training

See how your learners progress and recommend the best course of action. Optimise didactics based on the insights from learning patterns and feedback. Then, tailor your training to drive adoption and engagement.

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Success and predictable outcomes for training businesses

While it's awesome to make a customer happy, it is actually much more fun to make a customer really successful with our learning platform. Our robust Customer Success Strategy based on the aNewSpring success framework allows us to do just that!

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