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Today there are more opportunities to create inspiring learning journeys than ever before. The Blended Learning Cookbook will help you design blended learning concepts that outperform your traditional training program, using different learning interventions.

Truly help people learn

Learning technology has unleashed a huge range of new possibilities for trainers and training providers. The technology offers the ability to really help people learn. Of course, it’s not just about the technology itself, but about how to use the new technology to enable better learning. That’s what this e-book is about.

What’s inside?

  • Six chapters to cover everything about blended learning

  • 76 pages full of content and ideas

  • An explanation of the most common learning interventions

  • A list of the most commons learning techniques

  • and more...

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Design blended learning concepts

Today there are more opportunities to create inspiring learning journeys than ever before. The Blended Learning Cookbook will help you design blended learning concepts that outperform your traditional training program.

The Blended Learning Cookbook contains the following six chapters:

1. What do you feel like having?
In this chapter you will determine your learning objectives in three steps. You’ll also be looking at assessment methods and how to identify the characteristics of your participants.

2. Select the ingredients
Chapter two is about clarifying the characteristics of learning interventions and how to select appropriate learning methods.

3. Prep the courses
How can you divide content into separate modules? That’s what chapter three will cover.

4. Add flavour
Chapter four focuses on learning techniques. It covers three reinforcing learning techniques that you can apply to make your learning journey even better.

5. The taste test
Put together a pilot group and test out your training programme.

6. Serve it up
Will you use a communal kick-off for a major learning plan, or do you let learners access the course when they feel like it? It’s all up to you.

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Shape your own learning journey

Download the ebook now and shape your own learning journey using different learning interventions. Mix and match ingredients and create your learning recipe!

"Blended learning tends to outperform classroom learning because of the use of more effective learning methods."

Ger DriesenLearning Innovation Leader
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