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Ger Driesen
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A glance back at our favourite moments of 2022

The year 2022 was eventful to say the least and we don’t just mean this from aNewSpring’s perspective. But the latter is what we’ll be reflecting on this time around.

Why not start off the year with all of you joining me for a glance back at 2022? The theme of ‘Reflections’ shall span over the next few editions and in this particular post, I’ll be focusing on three initiatives – the annual aNewSpring Awards, the launch of aNewLetter along with 2022’s top read articles and Ger’s Learning Notes turning 50.

I’d like to share some of the insights I’ve learnt and perhaps also give you a glimpse of what’s being worked on in our secret garage.

Taking a step back: (P)Reflection on 2022 and the year ahead

Have you noticed how busy and stressed people at work can be by the end of a year? Even though they know there will be a whole new year ahead of them. And many start the new year almost in the same hurry. That isn’t a beneficial approach when it comes to learning. As John Dewey said: ‘We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience’.

And on that note, before we share how we’re kicking off the year with all of you, some of our dear colleagues (myself included) thought it’d be nice to reflect and share some of our personal best moments of the year.

Learning and financial impact: An interview with Ajay Pangarkar

In our quest to explore ‘all things impact’ related to learning, we want to make sure that even the financial aspect of it is covered—and we know just where to look. There’s no better person to reach out to than a real expert on this topic, Ajay Pangarkar.

Ger’s Learning Notes #50: Celebrating episode 50

At aNewSpring, we are quite good at celebrating. It is embedded in our culture and a clear starting point for the company. So, we measure and steer on the objective of reaching goals together while having fun.

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