Take the first step from classroom to blended or online learning.
Get started with the practical starter bundle::

  • Article and recording on the basics of learning design
  • Ger Driesen’s Learning Notes on going from classroom to online
  • The ultimate blended-learning-resource-page
  • The Blended Learning Cookbook
  • Nine detailed examples (in Dutch, with videos)

Want to get started with personalised learning?
Download your bundle:

  • The presentation on personalisation in learning
  • Handy checklist for starting with personalised learning
  • The Blended Learning Cookbook
  • Three practical customer cases on personalised learning (with video’s)
  • And more…

Get Started with cracking the compliance code and download the compliance training bundle.
Bundle contains:

  • The Conference Presentation handouts by Ger Driesen
  • The latest ‘Learning Notes’ on Compliance Training
  • Access to the webinar recording on ‘Exploring the Cause of Poor Performance’
  • Extra: The LSCon 2018 Learning Notes
  • Extra: The Blended Learning Chef e-book!

L&D as the New kid on the Blockchain.
The Blockchain Bundle contains:

  • My blockchain presentation at Learning Technologies Summer Forum
  • A blog that explains what blockchain means for training providers
  • A podcast with GoodPractice on Blockchain for L&D
  • My article in ATD’s TD Magazine titled ‘Ride the blockchain roller coaster’