Building courses in our platform is free. Once you’re ready, use licenses to enrol participants.
Pre-pay licenses to receive a discount, or choose pay-as-you-go to receive a monthly invoice.
Have questions? Feel free to contact us or head over to our FAQ on the bottom of this page.


€ 24

per learner per year

150 – 299

€ 18

per learner per year

300 – 1199

€ 15

per learner per year


€ 12

per learner per year


+31 (0)10 2447460

All prices include hosting, back-up, custom domain name and support. Prices exclude VAT.

Have questions?

Contact Patricia or take a look at our FAQ. Need a custom quote based on a specific situation or number of licenses? Patricia will get you set up.



1. What are my payment options – credit card and/or invoicing?
You choose. You can pay by credit card, iDEAL or we can send you a invoice.

2. I don’t like commitments – do you have any?
No, we don’t require any commitments. Creating your own environment is free of charge. You only start paying when you sign up participants.

3. Do I have to pay up front or can you bill me?
That’s up to you. Do you like discounts? Then you should go for the up-front payment as you receive a higher discount the more licenses you buy. Don’t like upfront payments? Go for pay-as-you-go and you’ll receive a monthly invoice based on the number of participants you enrolled.

4. How do I activate pay-as-you-go in my learning environment?
You can contact our sales team via +31 (0)10 2447460 or

5. Are there any hidden costs?
No. You only pay per participant. Need help while developing your learning journey? Contact our support staff by email or Whatsapp or check out our support page.

6. What does pay-as-you-go mean?
Pay-as-you-go means that you receive a monthly invoice for the amount of participants who have enrolled in your training programme. We simply multiply the number of participants by €24. It’s an easy way to get started as you only pay for what you use.

1. Why do I need licences?
Creating your training programme in aNewSpring is free. To give a participant access to it you need one license per participant. This way we only charge you after you’ve successfully sold your programme.

2. How do I buy licences?
You can either pay within the learning platform or you can contact the sales team. Sales people love to talk so give them a call at +31 (0)10 2447460 or send an email to

3. Do unused licences expire?
No. The great thing about our licences is that they will last forever. Unused licenses don’t have an expiration date.

4. What happens when I activate a license?
When a participant logs onto the learning platform, the license is activated and will remain active for 12 months.

5. When do the 12 months start?
At the moment you give the student access to the learning environment.

6. Is there a minimum number of licences I need to buy?
Using the online payment option in the platform you can buy a minimum of 5 licences. With the pay-as-you-go option you only pay for the number of participants. You’ll receive a monthly invoice based on the number of participants who enrolled.

1. Is there a product tour I can take?
Yes, you can take a tour, here. You can also contact us to receive access to a demo course. Want some live interaction? Request a live demo.

2. What can I build in aNewSpring?
What you want to create in aNewSpring is up to you. To give you an idea what our customers build in our platform: blended learning, elearning, MOOC, onboarding, certification training.

3. Can I sell my training programmes through the learning platform?
Yes. Our platform offers a course catalog in which you can list and sell your training programme online.

4. Can I adjust the look and feel myself?
Yes you can. You can adjust anything to fit your brand. Need help? We can also do it for you using the same functionality you have access to. We do charge a fee for the work.

5. Do I need to implement aNewSpring?
No, implementation is not required. We are an online learning platform. You simply log in, build your training programme, and enroll participants. We take care of maintenance, security and updates.

1.Is my data safe?
Yes. We are ISO 27001 certified. Our Service Level Agreement list all of our security protocols. Contact us to receive a copy.

2. Who owns the data in aNewSpring?
You. When you build a training programme in aNewSpring you are the owner of the content and the information of the participants. aNewSpring provides and own the learning platform (technology).