Release 104: Five updates and improvements

15 March, 2024| Janna de Valk| 4 min read

This release, we worked on five improvements for the aNewSpring platform. We have improved existing functionalities and added brand new functionalities for you to try. Are you curious about what has changed? Let's dive right in!

Accessibility update

It’s important to us that everyone is able to learn on our platform, including people with disabilities. And we took another step towards this goal! The (video) hand-in activity and the SCORM activity can now be performed with a keyboard.

We are also working on the accessibility of the platform by means of screen reader software. Some preparatory work has been done, which includes making individual parts of pages (such as buttons and input fields) recognisable for a screen reader. The login pages are the first that are completely screen reader proof.

With these steps, we are getting closer to a learner interface that fully complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Use LTI 1.3 in the external activity

Last release, we shared the first part of the update to LTI 1.3. Playing aNewspring through LTI 1.3 in an external LMS was the first step. In this release, the roles have been reversed. It’s now possible to play learning activities from outside aNewSpring in our platform, using LTI 1.3, via the external activity.

Not quite ready for it yet? Rest assured, LTI 1.1 is still available.

You have an event tomorrow!

Keeping track of your agenda is typically something that you either excel at, or not. Whether you have a structured or chaotic way of working or somewhere in between, some help with keeping track of your appointments always comes in handy.

With the new reminder email for events, you can now send an automatic reminder to learners and instructors a few days in advance. You can adjust the exact number of days for each event, and also add a note to be included in the reminder email.

A useful tool to remind participants of how exactly they can reach the event location or what homework they need to complete beforehand. This way, everyone is prepared and ready.

Filter content by tags

Content libraries, content parts and questions can be tagged for a while already, but the tags are not always visible everywhere just yet. An example of this is when you select a content part to display above a block. In this release, we have addressed this scenario and more.

From now on you can see the tags and filter the table based on tags, when you are:

  • a designer or author selecting a piece of content to use it, in a variety of situations;

  • a designer turning content parts or questions on or off for usage in the template on the 'content management' tab;

  • a designer selecting questions as 'extra memo-trainable';

  • a designer selecting questions for the extra exercise functionality;

  • an administrator using an existing content library for a new survey;

  • an administrator selecting content parts and questions for surveys.

RIT-value now exportable for assessments

It’s now possible to export the RIT-value, RIR-value, and P-value of an assessment activity to a CSV file. These statistics provide valuable insights into the difficulty, discrimination and effectiveness of each question. Therefore, use this information to fine-tune exam activities for better results and make informed decisions to enhance learning experience.

Dive into the details

Some of these features are available for aNewSpring for Trainers and all of them for aNewSpring for Organisations:

If you have any questions regarding the release, do not hesitate to contact our Support Heroes!

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