Release 103: A festive release filled with gifts

15 December, 2023| Janna de Valk| 4 min read

The days have gotten darker, candlelight fills our living rooms and gifts slowly but surely gather underneath the Christmas tree. While you’re trying your hardest not to open any of the presents at home, we come bearing a release full of treats that you can start unwrapping immediately!

Search through all content libraries at the same time!

You’re at the start of a new project, a new training. You know you have content that can be reused, but in which content library did you store it exactly?

With our new search function, authors no longer need to look through each content library. From now on, you are able to search through all content libraries you have rights to, simultaneously.

Apart from name and ID from content libraries, content parts and questions, you can also get results from text within those content parts and questions. This results in a clear overview of all relevant content for your new training!

Style ‘explanation for block’ the way you like

We have added three new options to the popular ‘explanation for block’-functionality:

  1. Place the explanation above or underneath the block title.

  2. Choose to collapse the explanation if the learner closes the block.

  3. Display the explanation with a background (for text content) or without background (for images). This way, your content always looks top-notch!

With these options, you can customise your blocks and add beautiful visuals or important information to your learning journey.

Insight from your surveys

In the summer, we went live with the survey functionality that helps you collect feedback from your learners in a quick and easy way. Now, we improve upon how you get insights from the results of the survey:

  • Template designers can choose whether the instructor should have access to the results of the survey in the instructor dashboard. Does it include questions about the instructor, and you don’t want them to see the answers? Simply turn off this option.

  • The administrator can export the results as a CSV file. In case you want to analyse the results further (in Excel for example) or share the results with someone else.

  • The administrator can filter the results based on course. This way you can see the differences in results per course.

Link learner groups to profiles

From now on, you can link multiple learners to a profile at the same time, by adding a learner group to a profile. Would you rather do this via the API? Go ahead! Did you link a learner group to a profile? In that case you can see this on the learner group page.

The option to link learners to a learner group through API will be available a few days after the official release.

Wake them up, before they go-go

A couple releases ago (go), we added the ‘automatic logout after ‘x’ minutes of inactivity’ functionality. For learners, we are now adding a warning.

Are they automatically signed out after 30 minutes of inactivity? You can set up a warning that will inform them about this after 20 minutes. This way you can nudge them to continue learning, before they are logged out.

Are you in the market with Code 95 courses? In that case, this functionality is required.

Play aNewSpring courses via LTI 1.3

Do you play aNewSpring courses via LTI in an external LMS? It will soon be possible to do so via LTI version 1.3! All functions that are available for version 1.1 as provider, are also available for version 1.3.

And the best part? When it comes to LTI 1.3, tenants can set this up themselves on the settings page. No need to contact Support (although, we are there if you need us)!

The current LTI 1.1 configurations will, of course, keep working.

Do you want to get started with LTI 1.3? This functionality will be released in January 2024.

Dive into the details

Some of these features are available for aNewSpring for Trainers and all of them for aNewSpring for Organisations.

If you have any questions regarding the release, do not hesitate to contact our Support Heroes!

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