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Our support team makes sure that all your questions are answered, rapidly and factually. Our Customer Success Managers offer different services to make sure your aNewSpring implementation helps you reach your goals.

At aNewSpring, we live Customer Success.
We have helped thousands of customers to become successful with our product. Don’t worry, we have got your back.
– Stefan van den Tol, Chief Customer Officer, aNewSpring

The aNewSpring Academy

At aNewSpring, we want all of our customers to be successful in realising their objectives. So, to help you get the most out of our platform, we’ve put together several learning journeys in one place to teach you about features and functionalities: the aNewSpring Academy. You’ll also notice that we do practice what we preach and therefore put our learning platform to good use in unique ways!

As we grow and add more and more of our knowledge, insights and other lifelines to success, you can take your training programme to the next level.

Guide yourself toward success on the aNewSpring platform, at your own pace!


Becoming more successful as a training business with aNewSpring goes beyond just building a learning journey. From helping hundreds of customers of all shapes and sizes, we know which steps to take to make sure you get the most out of your blended training.

That’s why we have created this methodology: the aNewSpring Success Framework.


We already have several integrations available within the platform, but can also integrate with a specific tool you use.

We can help you integrate aNewSpring into your own ecosystem. Check out our available integrations or get in touch with us and tell us more about the integration you are looking for.

Content creation

We know building content can be a lot of work. aNewSpring works with a wide set of partners that can build that content for you, directly in aNewSpring.

Check out our complete list of partners or contact us for more advice.

Instructional Design

Our Customer Success Managers, who guide you with aNewSpring for Organisations, are happy to help you with your didactical challenges.

Together, we make sure your learners will experience impactful learning journeys. Looking for guidance or a good sparring partner? Contact us.

Look and Feel

Learning journeys should be visually attractive. Although you have a big set of tools to design beautiful learning journeys yourself, we can also create the design for you.

Let us help you set up your learning journey design in your own branding colours and style.

Branded App

Learning is done everywhere and at any time. aNewSpring offers a free app for your learners to make sure they can learn as they go.

But you can even take it one step further and make sure that your learners feel they are using your app. We offer fully branded versions of our app, styled in your brand colours, with your logo and name available in the app store (Apple Store/Google Play).


We take pride in offering awesome support to our customers. We are dedicated to offer personal, fast and factual support. Day in and day out.

Want to know more about our support team? Check out the support page

Anything else

Is there something else you would like us to help you with?

Just let us know, we would love to discuss the possibilities!