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Do you recognise this?

  • You've created a training out of enthusiasm, but it could be more engaging and interactive.

  • You simply don't have enough time to create a training.

  • You need help to maximise everything the platform has to offer in a structured way.

  • You are able to create a training design, but aren't sure how to make it blended.

Recognisable? Let us help you create powerful Learning Journeys!

"We loved getting help from a Training Improvement Engineer! It really helped us move forward quickly, resulting in a strong didactic training."

Mandy MarkerinkDirector-manager, Stichting Campus Nederland
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What to expect


With an eye for visual design, we help Learning Journeys to generate a greater impact. Additionally, we assist in practically integrating all content.


We coordinate your team on a project basis and help achieve the desired outcome. To do this, we combine our didactic expertise to create an optimal learning experience.


We dive into your entire portfolio and provide tips on how to strengthen it. Additionally, we share practical examples and best practices that you can apply to your specific situation.

Consider the service as a booster

We assess, bring everything back to basics, measure it against a (blended) didactic standard and rebuild it together.

Our services

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We go through your entire online Learning Journey from a bird's-eye view and identify areas where you can make significant (or minor) improvements. This includes Visual Design and User Experience (such as Look & feel and visual language), didactic design, template setup and content library organisation.

Look & feel

Let us design the Visual Design for your online Learning Journey. We do all of this in consultation and base it on your corporate identity.


Yes, we're versatile! You can also let us edit or create your audio and video materials. Throughout your Learning Journey, we'll create compelling audio and video content to guide your learners.

Revision training

We evaluate one of your Learning Journeys by holding it against our didactic standard and provide you with advice on making it even more powerful.

Customised trajectory

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Together, we will define what your desired end result should be during the (free) intake interview. Based on this, we will prepare a quote.

Open to some extra help?

If you're curious about what we can do for you, fill out this form. We'll get in touch with you as soon as we can to discuss your situation. Together, we can explore the possibilities!

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These Training Improvement Engineers are ready to help


Puck Onnekes

Since she joined aNewSpring, Puck has delighted many clients with her critical eye on their Learning Journeys. She finds great joy in this, which you will notice immediately when you talk to her. The passion for her profession as an educational expert is evident, and she will always strive to achieve the best possible results together with her colleagues and clients.


Margot Sprenkels

In her work at aNewSpring, her own company and the rest of her life, development is key. She goes to the core and rebuilds everything from scratch. Before joining aNewSpring, she was a teacher and unintentionally instilled the importance of online learning with as many colleagues as possible, unknowingly contributing to the roots of blended learning in higher education.


Tim Koot

Seeking someone who passionately ventures into the realm of Learning & Development? That's Tim! Not only does he explore within the boundaries of his current studies, but he also eagerly explores beyond them. With his critical eye, he always questions whether a solution is perfect and will explore that with you without hesitation.


Jeroen van Gogh

Jeroen is the patriarch of the team and responsible for the commercial aspect. He spent ten years as a teacher and then gained 15 years of experience in IT & Learning. Within aNewSpring, Jeroen is often called in to strategise. Without a doubt, he sees most of the aNewSpring environments and use cases.

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