Adaptive learning, because one-size-fits-only-one!

aNewSpring tracks the ‘digital footprint’ of each learner enabling the system to adapt and create a specific learning route, with specific learning content for each individual learner.

Cater to each individual learner with adaptive learning pathways.

Here's the thing: your learners like to learn, but they don’t like to study.

Learn how a professional learning design and smart use of adaptivity can help establish meaningful, relevant, effective and efficient personalised learning experiences.

Build your adaptive learning journey

Shape rich learning experiences

Improve the ROI of learning with variety in events, interventions and personalised learning activities in an engaging learning journey. Offer new course content based on learning objectives.

A learner-centric approach

With a clear and personal overview, integrated social tools, spaced repetition and actionable feedback, the focus is on the impact of your training on learners.

Save time for your learners

Let your learners only learn about the topics that are relevant to them. The algorithm automatically addresses the topics that require more attention.

Always know the next step as a learner

The platform gives your learners insight in where they are in their learning journey. Use the Advice-functionality to continue where you left off.

Save time

Implement adaptive learning with aNewSpring

With adaptive learning, learners can skip the part they have already mastered and only spend time on topics that need additional attention or new content.

Maximise impact

Adaptive training programs for training providers

✓ Easily re-use templates and sections

✓ Manage your content and courses fully online

✓ Offer several courses in the same or unique branding

Engage learners

Personalise your training

✓ Collect data and insights about every learner

✓ Measure the trajectory of learners based on pre-existing knowledge and skills

✓ Adapt the learning content and assessments based on insights

Receive more information

Our adaptive learning platform

Create learning objective profiles

Assign different profiles based on competencies or performance

Use conditions to structure

Ensure the journey gives access to the right content based on preset conditions

Get insights in the learning objectives

View the instructor dashboard to get an overview of the progress of learners

Customers that work with aNewSpring's adaptive learning solutions
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