Beyond the gimmick: using AI video to improve learning experiences

With the rapid advance of generative AI, it is becoming easier than ever to create and iterate on video for use in your learning journeys. In this webinar on 14 December, we'll dive into how you can apply this to keep improving your learning experience.

The use of generative AI helps to create videos faster and with less resources. But creating an effective video for learning isn’t that simple. There’s been a lot of research on how videos work effectively when it comes to learning.

Join aNewSpring and Colossyan on 14th December from 3PM-4PM for a joint webinar on using video to create better learning experiences.

Learning Innovator at aNewSpring, Roy de Vries, and Lead Learning Experience Designer at Colossyan, David Gilham, will talk about different learning theories that can improve the effectiveness of your videos.

The main focus areas during the session will include:

  • reasons to use video in your learning intervention;

  • how to do so more effectively;

  • how both aNewSpring and Colossyan can support that process with their technology.

This session will be moderated by Gwendolene Roberts, Community Connector at aNewSpring.

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