Ger’s Learning Notes #47: Learning impact

28 September, 2022| Ger Driesen| 5 min read

Have you ever had a colleague who didn’t want to make an impact? I have never experienced that. I guess we all hope that our work has a positive impact in the end. Hard work doesn’t really do the trick; smart work does.

As a worker or professional, you need to know how to approach your profession to really create a positive impact. When it comes to the learning profession, that doesn’t seem so easy all the time. The fact that we went to school for 10 years or more doesn’t make us experts in learning. Reading the Learning Notes does. 🙂

This episode is packed with resources for the best by the best. The resources are evidence-based too, to help you create the positive impact that you are aiming for. Learning is too important to leave it to chance. Designing learning is not only a beautiful and purposeful profession but also a one with huge responsibility. You can do it if you know how and apply what works based on evidence. I hope this will help you.

Creating better video for learning (part one) - by Patti Shank

What’s it about?

Patti Shank provides an evidence-based approach for how to create better video for learning in this first part of an upcoming series.

Why read it?

  • Video is very popular when it comes to learning. Using it seems self-evident in many situations.

  • Because of this, we want to know the pros and cons of using video for learning and how to use it in the best way.

  • In the end, you'll want to read everything Patti Shank has written because she is an extraordinary expert. If it says ‘part 1’, there is surely more good stuff to come!

Where to find it?

The decisive dozen - by Will Thalheimer

What’s it about?

In his quest to find the seven most important learning factors, Will Talheimer ended up with 12.

Why read it?

  • You are a learning professional who wants to create impact, and this post provides you with the 12 most important ingredients to do so.

  • The decisive dozen are all evidence-based, so you’ll use what works.

  • How about this claim by Will: "If you put all these factors into practice, your learning interventions are likely to be more effective than 95% of all workplace learning interventions currently being utilised."

Where to find it?

Why training is often not the right solution - by Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

What’s it about?

The article explores why training could be chosen as the wrong solution and what to do about it.

Why read it?

  • If you choose the wrong kind of solution, it will never create a positive impact. In fact, a negative impact is likely!

  • Read the nice and clear examples, which are very useful.

  • Learn about the very interesting and easy-to-apply Rosenstiel model.

Where to find it?

The Learning Impact Award 2022 Book Longlist - by getAbstract

What’s it about?

The longlist of 10 books that compete with each other for the Learning Impact Award 2022.

Why read it/listen to it?

  • Be aware of the top 10 of very interesting books.

  • Via this article, you will be able to access the summaries of these books.

  • It gets even better: you can also listen to all the abstracts. Someone will read it out loud for you!

Where to find it?

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