#WLCCD 2024

March 21st 2024 is World Learning Content Cleanup Day. Your annual cue to clean up and refresh your learning content!


Get a grip on your learning content

Our own Learning Innovator Roy de Vries explains what WLCCD is and why it's important to get a grip on your learning content.

Do you have trouble keeping your learning content organised and up to date? You're not alone, we hear that all the time!

It's a real problem that can negatively impact the efficiency of your training development, the effectiveness of your learning intervention and even your own job satisfaction.

So, why is it so hard to just get our ducks in a row? First of all, because we often lack a good process. And second, because we don't have a trigger. World Learning Content Cleanup Day is that trigger!

That's why we're so happy to champion #WLCCD and do whatever we can to contribute and help you get all organised.

How it started

Ger's introduction

Last year, Ger Driesen launched the very first World Learning Content Cleanup day. This introduction tells you all you need to know about the what, why and how.

Read Ger's article

Challenge your network

Let's get down to business and let's do it with as many people as possible! Together we have the most knowledge, so invite everyone who could benefit and contribute to this team effort.

Spend some time cleaning

And do it in a way you would like to do it. Use the power of joining forces and clean up your content together with your colleagues. Let's share and inspire!

Share your contributions

No matter what you decide to contribute, we wouldn't want to miss it! Share your input with the hashtag #WLCCD on LinkedIn or send us a message.

Looking for a cleaning crew?

Talk to a Training Improvement Engineer!