Impactful training happens
when you empower learners

There are many different learning methods.
Use the right one to make your training effective and efficient.

Use ‘the right blend’ of learning interventions and approaches for your specific audience towards achieving the appropriate learning outcomes and goals, in their specific context.

Adaptive learning

Imagine your learners going through a training course that adapts to them. Build it with our adaptive learning platform.

Help people remember the things they learned and are about to forget. With MemoTrainer.

Social learning

People love to learn from and with each other. Let people log into aNewSpring to meet each other, join groups, discuss various topics and learn & collaborate.

Performance support

Develop tools and learning aids to support people ‘in the flow of work’ at the precise moment of their need.

Industry learning ecosystem

Build a learning ecosystem for an entire industry. Support individual members (employees) across different organisations with a lifelong learning journey.

Mobile learning

Help people learn while on the go. They can use the app to practice exam questions, watch videos before a live training event or send messages to fellow learners.


‘Help me, instead of giving me courses!’ Microlearning support can be easily created to help people in all aspects of their work.

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