It is easy to create, use and re-use content pages. You don’t have to be a multimedia expert.

Course templates and instances

Any course can have its own design, instructors, start date and enrolment method.

Instantly ready for mobile

Content pages built in aNewSpring are responsive. Your course is instantly ready for mobile.

Re-use and manage content

Create multiple courses based on the same content, by using central content libraries. A clear overview of your content pieces can be made with the use of tagging.

Build an online course

the way you like it

Use the easy online authoring editor, flexible content management, and use multiple themes. Everything’s instantly ready for mobile.

Built-in authoring tool

Use our Plus-editor to build a content page
for your learning journey.

Curate (external) content

Mix your own video’s as well as images and external content (e.g. Youtube). Add Prezi, Slideshare, blogs, YouTube, etc. or upload your own videos and images

Engaging question types

  • Multiple-choice
  • Multiple-response
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Matching
  • Hotspot
  • Open questions
  • Assessment questions

Rich content options

  • Pages
  • Extra information
  • Hotspots in content
  • Glossary of terms
  • Video (hosted)
  • Timed content – based on q-points in audio or video content
  • Curate content from sources like Youtube, Vimeo, SlideShare
  • Google Docs integration
  • Integrations on the page

See more integrations »

Create your own style

Multiple branding for one course

Looking for more inspiration for the look & feel of your learning journey?
Then take a look at our blog customer examples of training courses. It shows more examples of learning journeys.

Want to learn more?

take a complete tour of our product.

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