Making the Netherlands a safer place through blended training

"By training our enforcement officers and students, we aim to contribute to making the Netherlands a safer place."

During the 2020 aNewSpring Awards, SPV showcased their blended learning approach to the attendees.

The learning journey

Undermining: you only notice it once you understand it

More about SPV

Together with subject matter experts from the field, a blended learning programme was created on the topic of undermining. Tobi Bosman, an educational specialist at SPV, spoke about this at the aNewSpring Awards. This learning journey is offered in a blended format, with two classroom contact sessions and an e-learning component.

The aim was to keep the information practical and concise, so as not to overwhelm participants with too much information. Since undermining is a continuously evolving topic, SPV decided to maintain the e-learning component as a knowledge base.

This knowledge base can be continually updated and expanded, ensuring it remains an informative environment for participants.

The result

SPV has successfully connected with the target audience through this learning journey. The approach is to avoid overloading the participants with too much information. The target audience prefers a clear and practical format, and this has been achieved with this learning journey.


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