An online learning journey for those who are not yet online

"In our vision of learning, we find it very important to make optimal use of the talents and expertise within our organisation."

With this in mind, Oktober developed an excellent learning journey, which was presented during the 2020 aNewSpring Awards.

The learning journey

Improving elderly offline dining experiences via online training

More about Oktober

The Work & Learning department of the care institution Oktober (formerly RSZK) is dedicated to ensuring that employees have every opportunity to develop themselves.

Kristel Vissers – van den Geijn and Martine Paulusse shared in their presentation that the blended learning journey was the first exposure to online learning for many learners. By combining practical experience with online learning, they felt fully engaged in the journey.

Oktober's success lies in learners who, after completing the learning journey, can guide other colleagues through the learning process. The result is improved dining and drinking experiences for the elderly in Oktober's care homes.

The result

Oktober's learning journey has resulted in improved dining and drinking experiences for the elderly in their care homes. This achievement is commendable, especially considering that the target audience often found this online experience quite daunting.

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