Leerpunt KOEL

An attractive learning journey for every learner

“During the pandemic, the online element in blended learning gained great added value. One of the most important challenges in the L&D world is the digital transformation of learning.”

This learning journey was nominated for the aNewSpring Awards 2021.

About the company

Leerpunt KOEL offers fully independent and accredited training to professionals and organisations in primary care.

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Challenging development

Leerpunt KOEL is not unfamiliar with blended learning. In fact, blended learning is always the starting point. The online element gained extra value when the world was turned upside down.

One of the key challenges in the L&D world is the digital transformation of learning. Therefore, it is increasingly important to create the best possible digital experience for learners. The aNewSpring platform offered many opportunities to meet this challenge, with success.

The practically applicable form of e-learning is up-to-date, recognisable and fits the challenges that healthcare professionals face on a daily basis.

Claudia Hamerlinck, Learning & Development Specialist at Leerpunt KOEL

Blended learning is interesting for everyone

How often can you remember information when you have only read it? It’s often easier when you can apply the knowledge directly. You can do that by asking a question, but isn’t it nicer to develop a learning journey that is designed to make you curious?

Leerpunt KOEL encourages its learners to look for the right answers through pop-ups and to navigate between scrollable pages. By combining all information and elements on one page, each learner has the opportunity to learn in their own way. One person prefers to read, the other prefers to watch a movie and yet another likes to see the information presented in an infographic.

Socially connected

The combination of different elements makes it possible for everyone to see something on the page that appeals to them. If this is combined with a discussion or poll, everyone stays socially connected. The option to follow the learning journey on any device makes online learning possible anytime, anywhere!