Valuable moments of contact through online preparation and follow-ups

All preparations done, live trainings attended, certificates obtained. Does it stop there? No. According to CowSignals, it is a continuous learning journey.

This learning journey was presented at the 2020 aNewSpring Awards.

The learning journey

CowSignals® Master Course

Quite a few of the functionalities available from the learning platform are reflected in CowSignals' learning journey. Rik Neeleman and Tess Klifman show the audience that creating this blended learning has made trainees from all over the world start the four-day live training course better prepared. In fact, 90% of the trainees have followed the preparatory journey, making the live contact moments more valuable.

For CowSignals, learning does not stop after following the journey; they offer new modules all the time. This makes it a continuous learning journey.

Continuous and impactful

With a broad deployment of aNewSpring functionalities and a focus on continuous learning, CowSignals created an impactful learning journey.

We also saw a very creative way of using the certificate code in aNewSpring as a discount voucher!

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