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Technology to help people learn, that’s what we work on every day. Read more about the history of aNewSpring

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Our history

While attending university, Martèn was always looking for ways to learn smarter. See, the thing is that Martèn is dyslexic and without ways to make learning more effective for him, obtaining his masters in Business Economics was a challenge. A college friend, who was also dyslexic, came up with the MemoTrainer (The MemoTrainer is based on the ‘forgetting curve’ published by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in 1885). At the time, Martèn was a business advisor at Accenture but immediately got excited to help make this idea a success.

As soon as René obtained his Commercial Engineering degree, he started a training company that focused on RSI prevention and taught computer skills. During the training, Rene noticed that homework was often not done. As a result, he wasn’t able to cover the study material in the way he wanted.

René decided to send his students a short email every couple of days. The emails included small bits of training content. This new way of working did well, but it wasn’t a scalable solution. The solution was to build software that could do this automatically. This software turned out to be much like MemoTrainer.

When René met Martèn, they decided to collaborate to create a learning platform on the basis of MemoTrainer. Thus was born aNewSpring: the learning platform for trainers and training providers.

Martèn de Prez and René Persoon
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About us

Our focus

Training providers need a platform that allows their students to learn smarter and perform better. That’s what is top of mind when we develop our platform; in other words, developing technology that really helps people learn. To help our customers get the most out of this technology we also provide inspiration & education through events, training and content.

Our office

You will find us at at Westblaak 180 in Rotterdam, right in the city centre. Since we’re at the 10th floor we can offer you a 360° view of the city when you come vist.

Feel free to use our power nap chair to recharge or battle it out with a game ping pong.