Today there are more opportunities to create inspiring learning journeys than ever before. The Blended Learning Cookbook will help you design learning concepts that outperform your traditional training program. Mix and match the ingredients and create your own inspiring learning recipe!

About the Blended Learning Cookbook

This e-book – The Blended Learning Cookbook – will help you shape your own learning journey using different learning interventions. The metaphor of the cookbook will give you a fresh perspective on choosing, combining and testing different learning ingredients in order to create your learning recipe.

The Blended Learning Cookbook contains the following six chapters:

What takes your fancy?

In this chapter we will share how you can establish learning objectives in three steps, how to determine your testing methods and how the most important characteristics of your participants can be researched.

Add flavour

Chapter 4 will be about learning techniques. We will share 3 reinforcing learning techniques which you can put into practice and make your learning plan even better.

Select your ingredients

In chapter 2 we will answer some questions in order to clarify the properties of learning interventions, how the appropriate learning interventions can be selected and 14 interventions will be explained.

The taste test

By now we assume that you are developing your learning recipe and that is why we will advise you how to test the selected learning interventions.

Prepare the courses

In this chapter we will tell you how individual learning interventions can be made into one or multiple modules which will bring the learning plan together.

Serve it up

Learning interventions can be served in two ways: course by course or in the form of a buffet. In this chapter we will discuss the advantages of both methods.

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