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aNewSpring is the next generation LMS for training providers. Social interaction, personal learning and reinforcement training help professionals learn smarter and perform better.

Inspiring journeys from our clients


The fire and the theory under control

“Our group of firefighters are all at different levels, and generally, studying is not really their cup of tea. aNewSpring is the perfect way to learn for them!”

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Blended learning in the pension industry

“aNewSpring has an explicit focus on technology. It was exactly what we needed! Our visions were a great match.”

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Boating license training made easy

Using the MemoTrainer for my courses made sure my students have a higher pass rate for their boating exam.

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Adapting to levels in learners

Personal, adaptive learning reduced the study time of this heterogeneous group of learners by 60% and the costs by no less than 70%!

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Our adaptive learning platform

Designed for Training Providers

Training providers need a platform to create exceptional courses. aNewSpring works stand alone or as an add-on. Read more

Integrated Adaptive Learning

The smart algorithms in aNewSpring make your course adapt to an individual’s profile and results.
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Build Great Content Easily

We empower you with easy authoring and flexible content management. Courses are instantly ready for mobile.
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MemoTrainer: Smart Learning

Retain what you have learned with our smart MemoTrainer. Each learner is personally trained on what they are about to forget.
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Working and Learning in aNewSpring

Create a learn-work environment that includes a community of practice, job aids and performance support tools.

Blended Learning Works

Create learning journeys of diverse activities, like: video, assessments, exams and webinars combined with live sessions.
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Learner Centric Approach

Our user interface is created to provide you and your learner an optimal and intuitive learning experience.

Powerful Social Learning

Discussions and annotations tied into your content create powerful learning for both trainers and participants. Learning from and with each other! Read more

Your Success is Our Success

aNewSpring works in the cloud. You only pay per learner you enroll. Start building your learning journeys now for free! See our pricing

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