Learning platform
for training providers

Create and deliver
social and blended learning
with great variation
in learning activities.

Case: Daily retention training from VBO helps students pass their boating license exam.

Other examples

Adapting to levels in learners

The results of a personalized learning case in the financial industry.

Improving language skills

An adaptive course to provide every K-12 teacher with language training at their own level.

Eos Online Communication:
Strong social strategy training

Social Learning for communication professionals that lets them develop their own social strategy.

Let’s personalize learning

All learners are unique, with their own talents. With aNewSpring you can compose journeys that adapt to each individual learner. This way training will be easier, faster and more effective. Plus, you can make your journeys unforgettable with MemoTrainer, our smart repetition tool that helps learners train what they have learned just before they forget.

These are 9 key benefits of our platform

Designed for blended learning

Create an optimal mix of on- and offline learning. Support your trainer with analytical tools to act on learning needs.

Bring your own device

Your courses work ‘browser independent’ and are also optimized for tablets. There are apps for iPhone and Android to learn on the go.

Catalogue and webshop

The catalogue and webshop will help you enroll learners and sell your courses directly online.

Integrated social learning functionality

Share knowledge and documents, start discussions, give feedback and ask questions. All from within your content just as you would expect.

Flexible look & feel

You can have multiple courses in the same look and feel, or the other way around. Choose a theme or let us design a custom look & feel for you.

Pay per use

Build content and courses for free, no hidden costs. You only pay when you enroll learners.

Adaptive learning that sticks

Our algorithm automatically offers each learner those learning activities he needs most. The MemoTrainer makes sure he will not forget!

Content management

Re-use pages and questions without duplicating. Course templates make sure you don’t have to duplicate courses every time a class is booked.

SaaS + Service

Hosting, updates and support are included. You don’t need an IT department or technical helpdesk.

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We’re happy to help

You can easily create your own learning journeys in aNewSpring. To help you get started we created the aNewSpring support site where you’ll find helpful articles and the aNewSpring community. We gladly answer all your questions there.

What we do for our clients

  • Offer an adaptive learning platform
  • Constantly innovate with our clients
  • Develop new functionalities every month
  • Offer support to get you started successfully
  • Share ‘best practices’ on online learning

And this is what we don’t do

  • Create course content (but we do have partners that can help you)
  • Offer courses ourselves

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