Dry laws and regulations made interesting

"In the end, we trained 75 different groups, had 1,725 learners, there were 256 master classes, 1,260 certificates and the knowledge clips were viewed 33,335 times."

Impressive figures shared by Tele'Train at the 2020 aNewSpring Awards.

The learning journey

Blended curriculum for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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"Learning happens when you are surprised and amazed," says Hilde Dijksterhuis. A blended curriculum was developed for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it was built around four master classes, each lasting a half-day.

Due to the amount of information, aNewSpring opted for a learning journey that includes several aspects: a knowledge test regarding legal information, a knowledge forum where questions can be send to experts that are answered within 24 hours, and the MemoTrainer app.

An ideal route has been mapped out for employees that best prepares them for the master classes and the final result.

The result

With this learning journey, Tele'Train made learning dry laws and regulations more interesting by making optimal use of the possibilities of aNewSpring. Think of different learning forms such as video, animation, knowledge quizzes via the MemoTrainer, online knowledge clips, blogs and assignments.

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