A text-to-speech solution for online learning

Today, 20% of the world’s population suffers from some form of reading disability, for example people with literacy difficulties, dyslexia, mild visual impairments, non-native language. An even greater number of people simply don’t have enough time to read. In the age of smart phones and mobile internet, the small screens will raise even more problems.

Therefore ReadSpeaker, the leading provider of online text to speech, and aNewSpring all-in-one elearning solution for training providers, announced a partnership to make elearning lessons to be read out loud to you.

An innovative text-to-speech solution

ReadSpeaker®solutions provides a text-to-speech solution that makes it possible to read a website or web based application out loud. This benefits people who want to listen to content instead of (or as well as) read it. ReadSpeaker helps people who need greater accessibility to text content, including those with literacy difficulties, mild visual impairments, and learning disabilities, including dyslexia, as well as those whose native language is different from the text to be read.

Technology to help you learn

The mission of aNewSpring is to help people learn more effectively with truly personalized (e)learning. All students are unique with their own talents and learning strategies. That’s why we think it’s strange that learning is still ‘one size fits all’. Our mission is to help people learn more effectively with truly personalized (e)learning. This also means that everybody should be able to access learning materials in a way that suits them best. We find it important that everyone has the ability to learn through our platform, even people who have reading difficulties.

 Working together to make online learning more accessible

Because ReadSpeaker and aNewSpring both want to achieve the same goal, making online text available for everyone, we decided to join forces.The latest release of aNewSpring’s e-learning platform includes the ReadSpeaker functionality as an add-on. This functionality is immediately available to all users without having to download anything. From now on, students with a visual handicap are also able to do a course and the courses can be offered to a much wider audience.