Due to the worldwide financial crisis, the Dutch government nailed down more regulations on financial institutes. One of these regulations denotes that permanent education is required. So 270,000 highly diverse people with different backgrounds and expertise must prove that they meet these new criteria. How do you train such a huge and heterogeneous group in an effective and engaging way? One of the required courses is the Act on Financial Supervision base course.

Welten, a Dutch training agency, offers this course through an e-learning module. Because everyone enters this course at a different level, it was not possible to offer the same course to every learner. That’s why Welten decided to work together with us, to make it possible to let courses automatically adjust to individual learners. To make sure every learner is able to do the course at his own level and pace, we decided to create an adaptive course together. The course adapts to the learner’s needs by tracking the learner’s previous successes, obstacles, and assessment results.

The following images show you the results of the course Welten developed together with aNewSpring.


The number of participants and modules has increased a little bit in the year the personalized courses were used.


The study time in 2012 decreased a lot, a decline of 60%! And despite of this, the success rate stayed nearly the same.


And last but not least: the costs were reduced by no less than 70%.

Training a diverse and heterogeneous group of people through an online course can be difficult because every learner has a different level and different interests. Some might find the course boring, but for others it can be too difficult. The solution for this problem? Automatic and personalized learning.

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Welten uses
  • The aNewSpring MemoTrainer for retention training
  • Blended- and social learning
  • Adaptive learning journeys