Daily retention training helps students pass their boating licence exam.

For over 10 years now VBO is offering boating license courses in the Netherlands. They do so by giving learners a number of classes, delivered over several weeks. But VBO had a problem, because many students didn’t pay attention to the training material and they would often forget what they had learned between classes. Until they met us!


VBO decided to work with MemoTrainer, one of the tools of aNewSpring. At VBO, learners use MemoTrainer every day to practice the learning material they don’t know very well yet, and to repeat information that they might forget. They found that by using MemoTrainer, students are faced with what they need to learn more frequently and effectively. This way, information has been more likely to stick. Since the introduction VBO realised higher pass rates for the boating exams with their students.

I am always looking for new innovations and so is aNewSpring, that is why I like to work with their system.
– Ben Ros, director of VBO.

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