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Be a partner in talent development rather than a provider of learning solutions. That is what makes NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen so successful.

Based on a strong vision when it comes to learning and an eye for the individual, NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen is able to support the development of employees of large retailers on a long-term basis. This leads to better performance in the workplace, sustainable relationships with customers and a strong position in the training country.

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Sustainability is a hot topic, especially for the 300,000 people who work in the construction and installation sector? But how do you make sure they have the right knowledge about the topic?

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How do you realise the sharing of knowledge and support lifelong learning for all 65,000 professionals in the mental healthcare sector? By joining forces and collaborating.

70:20:10, Skills training, Workplace learning Blended learning

Learning on the job may sound easy, but it is quite a challenge to do properly. A very effective programme was created by combining e-learning modules, animations, videos and assignments.

Blended learning works!

The more diverse your learning path, the more engaging and effective your learning becomes.

With aNewSpring you can create learning journeys that combine videos, 360° assessments, exams, webinars, events, and much more.