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Research has evidence to support that 90% of the accidents at construction sites are caused by human errors, largely due to human behaviour.

Through this case study, we’ll learn all about how KPE, a training provider in the construction and real estate industry, was able to prevent and control behaviour among site workers.

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No retailer is the same, and neither are the people who work there. This can make it quite challenging for companies within the industry to find suitable secondary vocational education for their employees. How do you make sure that each of them gets the most out of their course, even when their needs are so different?

NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen has the answer to that question: by putting learners first.

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Sustainability is a hot topic, especially for the 300,000 people who work in the construction and installation sector? But how do you make sure they have the right knowledge about the topic?

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How do you realise the sharing of knowledge and support lifelong learning for all 65,000 professionals in the mental healthcare sector? By joining forces and collaborating.

70:20:10, Skills training, Workplace learning Blended learning

Learning on the job may sound easy, but it is quite a challenge to do properly. A very effective programme was created by combining e-learning modules, animations, videos and assignments.

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