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We’ve designed aNewSpring to easily create inspiring learning journeys. Identify your target audience and identify their characteristics.
Start building your training programme and inspire your audience. No more boring training.

Create inspiring learning journeys

Develop training that helps professionals learn smarter and perform better. Use various learning activities, develop content using our online editor, add external content (e.g. SCORM) and make it pretty by choosing the look & feel you want.

Learning journeys

Every learning journey consists of learning activities. This can be anything in aNewSpring, such as video’s, assessments, surveys, assignments or lessons. You can also include external events, like a webinar, a live event or a webcam assignment.

You decide how participants get access to the various activities: One at a time, available at once, based on the individual’s progress, adaptive, activated by the trainer, timed or based on rules.

aNewSpring Learning Journey

Online authoring: Plus-editor

Use our Plus-editor to add a variety of activities and content to your learning journey. You can add anything you want: images, slideshare presentations, Flash elements, HTML, YouTube and/or Vimeo video’s (or upload your own video and use our built-in video player).

Extra course functionalities

Add extras to your learning path like a glossary of terms, practice exercises, who’s-who lists of trainers and participants, communication tools, a content library, search functionalities or an online calendar.

Re-use and manage content

Learning content and courses are completely managed online. Our flexible structure helps you to re-use and update content centrally for multiple courses without duplication.

Enrich SCORM

aNewSpring is SCORM certified. You can easily enrich your existing SCORM content with social and adaptive functionality of aNewSpring.

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Diverse question types

Our user interface is created to provide you and your learner an optimal and intuitive learning experience. In aNewSpring you can use the following test and assessment questions:

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Matching
  • Hotspot
  • Open questions
  • Assessment questions
  • Multimedia questions: type API for gaming, simulation and extraordinary question types.

Which look & feel suits you?

Choose a theme or let us design a custom look & feel for you. You can have multiple courses in the same look & feel, or create one training and deliver it in different styles.

aNewSpring Looks&Feel cactus
aNewSpring Looks&Feel camera

Adaptive Learning Journeys

Use the adaptive features in aNewSpring to make your course adapt to the learner. Offer new course content based on goals and use MemoTrainer to help learners store new information in their long term memory.

1. Knowledge retention with MemoTrainer™

A daily personal training helps your students store what they have learned in their long term memory. Learners prepare effectively and efficiently when using the MemoTrainer™ app. Our spaced repetition scheme is based on the Herman Ebbinghaus forgetting curve. You can use the MemoTrainer™ for exam training and much more.

2. Make courses adapt to the learner

The adaptive learning algorithm automatically addresses those subjects that require training. In aNewSpring you can provide your learners advice on their next steps based on the individual scoring of the learning objectives of the course.

Conditional learning activities

Offer learners access to learning activities based on specific rules or conditions. Specific learning activities become available when a condition is met, like achieving a certain score or after another activity is completed.

Based on rules, a certificate can automatically be generated. Each certificate has its own unique code. All certificates can be tracked and authenticated through our online register.

aNewSpring: Conditional Learning Activities

Blended learning

Combine online and offline learning activities to provide participants a powerful and effective learning experience. Use video’s, 360° assessments, quizzes, knowledge tests, webinars or any other type of activities in aNewSpring.

aNewSpring: Events



Add any event to your learning journey. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online webinar, a classroom or whether it’s an offline exam session. Participants can sign up for all events through the platform.

Your learner will see your events as an activity like he/she is used to. When the activity is opened, more details are visible and he/she can enrol and unenrol.

Instructor led training

The combination of instructor-led training (ILT) and online automated adaptive guidance offers the learner an optimal learning experience.

Grading and feedback

Participants can hand in assignments online. Trainers receive a notification and can provide feedback and grade the assignment in aNewSpring.

Insight in your learners

Statistics show detailed progress and results of your learners. A periodic summary is sent to the trainer automatically. Trainers can easily analyse when extra instruction is required or where the course content needs adjustment.

Activate or add extra content

Trainers set the pace by deciding which content and activities to release. They can add extra content at anytime such as:

  • Lessons
  • Documentation
  • Hand-in assignments
  • Assessments
  • 360° feedback
  • Events
  • Certificates

Social learning

A community of learners creates a rich source of knowledge. Discussion and annotation tied into your content creates powerful learning for trainers and participants. aNewSpring creates a safe place to interact while learning.

Share, give feedback & discuss 

Participants can share their knowledge, receive feedback, discuss with each other in the platform and send messages. It makes communication much easier.

Trainers can send messages to individual learners, or to a group. The trainer receives notifications based on an individual’s progress or results and can directly respond when needed.

Informal learning

aNewSpring can also be used for learning that takes place independently from instructor-led programs, like self-study programs, performance support materials, coaching and communities of practice.

Social Media integration

Instructors and learners have their own profile page and can link their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Skype, which makes communication much more personal and easier.

Sell and deliver

Create a free demo and enrol participants using the catalogue feature. Using a variety of different systems already? Integrate aNewSpring with other platforms and systems using an API. You can create different catalogues to serve multiple clients.

aNewSpring: Catalogue

1. Webshop included

Our catalogue feature will help you sell your courses online, without the need for a webshop. Your visitors can pay and get access immediately with a broad range of (inter)national online payment methods (i.e. Visa or PayPal) thanks to the Buckaroo add-on.

2. Demo your courses for free

To promote your courses you can create free demo courses or knowledge tests. Doing so will allow website visitors to ‘test drive’ your course before they commit.

Information security: ISO 27001

To prove that your data is safe with us, we’ve implemented an information security management system (ISMS) and we’re certified against ISO 27001. The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates aNewSpring’s commitment to proactively manage and protect information assets.

Integrate with your user administration

Use an API to create a Single Sign On (SSO) with other platforms like portals, student administration or business applications.

Enrol learners in multiple ways

Learners can easily access your courses through an access code, through the LMS of your client (SCORM or AICC) or through the aNewSpring catalogue feature.

Deliver a course to different groups

Since content is managed in one place, you can create courses for different audiences without having to recreate content. Within each course template you can change the design, assign different instructors, set a specific start date and choose the enrollment type.

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