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Patricia van der Have

by Patricia van der Have
13 May 2018


f you’re anything like our clients, you’ll probably have some questions after visiting our website or when creating your own learning environment. Since I’m responsible for inbound sales at aNewSpring, I’ve probably answered over a 1000 questions (phone calls and emails) from people who are new to aNewSpring. I’m happy to help you personally as well, but I took the liberty to summarise some of the questions we get asked most often:

1. Can I adjust the look & feel of my learning environment?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. Your students are more eager to learn if the training looks inspiring. Find out how to do so here. Did you know you can even have multiple look & feels and whitelabel your courses?

2. Can I use a custom domain name without

Yes. If your own website is, then you could for example use instead of Not so familiar with IT? Find some helpful instructions here!

3. Can I sell the courses I built in aNewSpring directly to my students?

Yes you can. In aNewSpring you can create an overview of all the products (e.g. courses) you have developed and put them in a catalogue. The catalogue is basically the webshop of your learning environment. Most of our customers redirect students from their own website to their training product in the catalogue of aNewSpring. Sounds good right? We’ve explained how to do so here.

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4. How can I collect payments via aNewSpring?

You can either manually process the orders you’ve received, or have them processed automatically using Stripe, PayPal or Buckaroo. Click here and here to find more information on processing orders.

5. What about API, Single Sign-On and WebHooks?

A lot of customers use these types of technology in aNewSpring. For example: linking aNewSpring to a course administration system can be very useful if you want to organise the enrolment and scheduling of course facilities, trainers and materials. Or you can link to a Learning Management System so your aNewSpring course will be part of an extensive catalogue in your clients’ LMS. It’s actually quite easy, as you can find out here.

6. Can I upload my SCORM packages into aNewSpring?

Yes you can, as long as it’s SCORM 1.2. You can even combine your SCORM content with content made in our own authoring tool, external H5P content or HTML. Learn how to import SCORM in aNewSpring here.

7. How can I add a social element to my e-learning courses?

We’ve built a communication centre in the platform. This allows you to send messages to your students directly. You can also activate a discussion field as a widget next to your course. Most other clients got the best results with having discussions right below the content parts in your course.

8.How do I enrol learners?

There are several ways to enrol learners. You can, for example, share access codes with them or upload an Excel sheet with their names into the platform. After publishing your course, you’ll have your learners begin their learning journey in no time with these three simple steps!

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9. I like aNewSpring’s platform, but I don’t have the resources to build my own courses. Can you help me with that?

We focus on the technology behind learning and release a new platform update every eight weeks or so. Most of our customers create their own content and build their own courses in the platform. We do, however, have several partners who can create content for you or who can advise you on how to build an inspiring training for your students. Feel free to let them lend you a hand!

10. My question is not included in this FAQ. Where can I find answers?

You can find many articles, videos and other tips on The search bar is usually very helpful when you’re looking for specific information. If you like a personal touch, feel free to contact our support colleagues at

Any additional questions?

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Patricia van der Have

Patricia van der Have
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