Charles JenningsAccording to Charles Jennings, a leading expert of the 70:20:10 model, it’s crystal clear; modern businesses demand more performance than we can realize by only delivering conventional training. The need for higher performance demands that we look for alternative ways. Currently, traditional learning fails in changing behavior because:

  • there is limited room for practice,
  • knowledge acquisition only takes place in the classroom and not in the workplace,
  • managers are not engaged in the learning process,
  • it remains tied to a single training moment,
  • and, complex tasks are taught in the classroom environment, away from the workplace.

By extending the learning process to the workplace, focus is placed on performance support and 70:20:10 is the supporting framework for this. More and more companies are realizing that 70:20:10 holds a positive business case. Jos Arets from Tulser and the 70:20:10 Institute summarize this in his blog: De positieve business case met 70:20:10’.

We had the opportunity to ask Charles Jennings to share his insights regarding the opportunities and threats for training providers with traditional training methods:

As stated by Charles, there are many ways in which training providers can deliver services and solutions which will improve performances. This could be:

  • by embedding learning into work,
  • by learning that is part of the workflow,
  • or by ensuring that the lessons learned during practical situations are made available for others.


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