How to recognize a real Software as a Service and why this is important to you

There still seems to be a lot of misunderstandings about what is and is not Software as a Service (SaaS) and why that is important to you as a business. We would like to share our vision.

The disadvantages of traditional software delivery

There are different ways to deliver software. The first and oldest one is to buy the software package and install it on your computer or host it on a server. There are several problems with this, though. Even when you’re only using a small part of the software, you still have to buy the entire software package. That’s why in the last few years, more and more hosted software started using a new business model; pay per use. With this business model, you only pay for the part of the software that you actually use. Another disadvantage is that when you buy a software package, it only works on one computer. When you want to use it on multiple computers, you have to buy the same software again and again. Another thing is that with installed, but also with hosted software, you are not using the most recent version of the software most of the time. You have to install updates or new versions, when this is sometimes not at all convenient.

Hosted software versus Software as a Service

Software as a Service is software, offered as an online service. You don’t have to install anything on your computer to use this software. This means that you can use the software from any computer or device using your web browser, without having to buy anything extra. With a single tenant Software as a Service, every customer works within their own online application. With a multi tenant Software as a Service, all customers work with the same application. In our view only a multi tenant provider offers  a true Software as a Service.

What is multi tenant Software as a Service?

According to this article written by Cloud Integrations about multi tenancy, which quite says how we see it, Software as a Service has to be multi tenant in order to be a real Software as a Service. Multi tenancy means that all users of the service use the same platform and the same version. Summarized, there are two conditions that multi tenant Software as a Service has to meet:

  • Single Software Version: All customers are automatically updated to the latest version of the software because they use it directly online. Every customer uses the same version.
  • Shared Infrastructure: In a multi tenant environment, every customer runs on the same infrastructure.

Why is multitenancy important to you?

Using a multi tenant Software as a Service has a couple of advantages over a single tenant Software as a Service. First of all, in a multi tenant environment, costs decrease as the number of users grows. This means that when the Software as a Service solution gets more successful, more time can be invested in innovation and customer success and the service will become cheaper.

Second of all, every customer uses the same version of the service in a shared infrastructure. This way, the provider is able to deliver a good support to all customers because they all use the exact same program.

How to recognize a multi tenant Software as a Service

In their article, Cloud Integration defined 5 questions that a Software as a Service provider must answer positively in order to be multi tenant. In case you’re wondering if aNewSpring is a Multi-tenant Software as a Service solution, try to answer these 5 questions and you’ll find out!

  • Is it possible to sign up online and get started with a trial?
  • Can you get up and running quickly?
  • Is the implementation of the Software as a Service quick and easy?
  • Do they regularly deliver updates?
  • Do they release new versions at least once a month?

When we take a look at aNewSpring, we see that we can answer all of the questions positively; it’s possible to sign up online and get started immediately with creating elearning. aNewSpring runs in your web browser, so implementation is quick and easy. We supply updates almost every day and we release a new version once a month.

As you can see, multi tenancy is a very important aspect of a Software as a Service. Only with a multi tenancy, you can use all the advantages that a Software as a Service has to offer.

The next level: Software as a Service + Service

In our vision delivering software should be about delivering solutions. aNewSpring can therefore be described as a Software as a Service, plus Service. Besides taking care of the technique, hosting, back-up and updates we also organize your student helpdesk, provide help for your developers and hold webinars, service sessions and inspiration sessions.

We believe you should fully focus on taking your learning products to the next level.  Therefore our experienced support team is always only a click away when you need them. They will even offer help when you have not asked any yet. Our goal is to help you be successful.