Blended Learning is a popular way of learning for quite a while now. This learning method, which combines different kinds of learning interventions to create the perfect blend, proves to be very effective every time. We notice more and more training companies and corporate academies are interested in the possibilities of blended learning. We love that!

We think sharing knowledge is very important. We hope to inspire people in the field of online learning, and to give you as professionals a way to connect.

That’s why we organized the Blended Learning Event on Tuesday the 25th of August, specially for everyone who didn’t use aNewSpring yet and was interested in blended learning. In this blog we share a photo report of the event with you!

Event location
Event locationThe location of the Blended Learning Event was the beautiful Maaspodium in Rotterdam.
aNewSpring'ersClaudia, René and Nick are excited!
Guests are arriving
Guests are arrivingThe first guests are arriving and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
NintendoDid you know Nintendo was founded in 1889? Brant told us the story of Nintendo, a company that made good use of all technological improvements through time.
Close your eyes
Close your eyesMarcel let us think of a moment we really learned something and why we remembered that learning moment so well. Then we discussed it with our neighbor.
Hans Janssen
Hans JanssenEnergetic Hans Janssen from Denkproducties was the third speaker and told us how to translate an offline situation to a great online experience.
QuotesHans had some memorable quotes! 'Training doesn't have to hurt' was one of them.
The theater
The theaterCalm before the storm!
GuestsThe Blended Learning Event started at 14:00 and ended around 17:00.
Brant Seethaler
Brant SeethalerWe started the afternoon with our colleague Brant! He gives a short introduction and tells us more about The Business Case for Blended Learning.
Marcel de Leeuwe
Marcel de LeeuweE-learning enthusiast and owner of 'Leerbeleving' Marcel de Leeuwe was our second speaker. His presentation about creating a powerful blended design got our audience very energized!
BreakTime for a break! Maaspodium made sure we enjoyed a nice treat during the break. After that it was time for the last two presentations.
Joost Uitdewilligen
Joost UitdewilligenJoost Uitdewilligen from Tinqwise was our last presenter, and asked us at what place we liked to shop and why. After that we looked more closely to these (web)shops and the experience they offer, and what we could learn from them.
Synthetic dreaming
Synthetic dreamingFinally he let us know what they are working on in the Tinqwise lab: exploring the possibilities of synthetic dreaming. Are we able to learn during our sleep in the future? Joost promised to tell us next year...

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