The Best Training Business Model is No Model,
Except One That Works

written by Marguerite Inscoe (ReLaunchU):

As knowledge increases globally, so does the need for expert facilitators of adult learning programs in the workplace for almost every facet of business. The training industry is ever evolving its service models while growing to keep pace with demand.

There’s no training system better than another, other than it sufficiently addresses the needs of the marketplace. The training company that sees what’s coming and adapts quickly has the best chance to survive, if not wildly succeed. Those continuing as before, look up and find themselves at the back of the pack.

Performance of the past is no predictor of the future in this industry except agility. It gives hope to the struggling training vendor with a passion for enlightenment, and strikes fear into the monolith provider who has lost momentum or is no longer led by conviction.

So what matters now?

1.) Your Core Competency

It’s not what you know; it’s how you deliver it in a transformative way to your learning population. You can find almost every answer you need on YouTube so why let that be your main competitor? Move beyond subject-matter-expertise and engaging platform skills into a service delivery model that can consistently engender results for the client of today and a few short years from now. Do this well and you’re hired.

2.) Technology

People have changed how they learn (Ok Google), has your training model adapted? Just-in-time and just-for-me are what Millennials experience every day on social media as they navigate a digital world looking for answers to life.

We don’t learn in one modality, work in another one, and enjoy life in a third. It all regularly happens at the same time around us. How does your training solution integrate into those environments for long-term knowledge retention and behavior reinforcement?

3.) Marketing is Training and Training is Marketing

Training services are one big marketing and sales machine. You promote the program and close the deal, then share the knowledge and accomplish the behavior change. The approach to andragogy in your services are 100% applicable to your marketing. The buyer’s journey is underway in every sales talk as well as the “classroom”. Only the learners are different.

Rule number one in training is to study your learning population and then build on what they know. The same applies to marketing and sales, know who your buyers are and the learning journey they have embarked upon to address their workplace performance challenges. Train them to find the best solution that may, or may not be you in the end. (That’s when you get the best clients)

The Future is Promising

Market disruption by new training providers is not an if but a when. It’s already happening as tools for blended learning become more sophisticated, affordable, and work. Market segments are emerging that are not sufficiently addressed by incumbents. A listening ear, watchful eye, and creative mind that embraces technology in all aspects of the business is the pathway to the next frontier.

MargueriteAbout the author of this post
Marguerite is the owner of ReLaunchU. ReLaunchU is a B2B Inbound marketing agency with experience with companies in the consulting and training industries. Marguerite had a 12 year career in workplace learning and performance before transitioning to inbound marketing 5 years ago.


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