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Patricia van der Have

by Patricia van der Have
21 June 2018


y last blog on the most frequently asked questions about aNewSpring discussed topics related to the learning platform itself. When someone shows an interest in aNewSpring, I always ask a number of questions to better understand what that person is looking for and to identify how to help him/her. The following is a short checklist based on the questions I ask before people start with online learning:

1. Are you looking for a blended learning platform that actually helps your students to learn?

  • Yes, I do not want training that bores my students anymore, and learning online will help them stay engaged. → Perfect! aNewSpring can help you with this.
  • No, I am looking for a learning management system (LMS) with which to manage and administer learning to my students. → Despite the fact that the platform contains a number of administrative functionalities, aNewSpring probably does not fulfil your needs completely. The main goal of our software is to create online or blended training that will motivate students to learn.

2. Do you clearly comprehend the problem you are trying to solve through online learning?

  • Yes, I have a clear picture of what my intention is. For example, it could be onboarding, blended learning, a learning ecosystem, exam training, skills training, workplace learning or a MOOC. → Awesome!
  • No, I’m not exactly sure. → Though developing an online learning intervention is a solution, what is your underlying problem or ambition? For inspiration, read my colleague’s blog ‘If training it the solution, what’s the problem?’.

3. Do you know what the solution (in this case, your training) will be, and do you know which functionalities you need?


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4. Do you plan to create content yourself or upload existing content?

  • Yes, I design all my content myself and/or I work with a party that helps me with the creation. → OK.
  • No, I do not have the resources to design modules themselves. Can aNewSpring help? → aNewSpring only offers software. So if you are looking for extra help, you can contact one of our many partners. They can help you create content, share their educational vision with you and more. Of course, we do provide support to help you get started on aNewSpring independently, our support team will help you and we also provide aNewSpring training courses.

5. What type of content do you want to place in aNewSpring?

  • I want to place different types of content such as documents, images, tests, SCORM modules, YouTube or Vimeo videos, H5P, HTML, webinars and much more. The training must become an ‘inspiring learning journey’. → Cool!.
  • No idea! Though I already have some PowerPoint presentations and tests, I don’t know what to do with them yet. → Before you start designing the kind of structure your training program will have, consider the following: (a) Which type of content suits your learners best? (b) Understand that PowerPoint is very different to e-learning; read more about the differences here. (c) aNewSpring has its own authoring tool with which you can design your training.

6. Does your project have a budget?

  • Yes, it does. I know what this project costs and how many students I will help with online training annually. → That’s great. We can now think more carefully about the possibilities.
  • No, not yet. I want to start a pilot e-learning programme, first. I don’t know how that will go. → At aNewSpring, we charge per student per year. If you already know how many students you are going to help with online learning, consider purchasing a bundle and take advantage of a discount. If you do not know how many course participants you will be enrolling, it is better to start with the pay-as-you-go plan which offers a lot of flexibility. In this plan, you will receive an invoice based on the consumption per month. Check out our prices and bundles.

7. Have you made a plan that indicates when you want to register your first learners?

  • Yes, in a few months. → Wonderful That is fast!
  • Not really. How much time does it take to create e-learning modules on aNewSpring? → Most people need more than a few days or weeks (with a few exceptions) to create a course. How long it will take you depends on your time, resources, how extensive your training is, how much content you need to develop and how many training sessions will be involved. Partners can help you with this.

8. Have you considered which people from which departments or from outside need to be involved to make this project work?

  • Yes, I know which people I should involve in this project in order for this project to succeed. → OK.
  • No, no idea. → During the selection and implementation of a new e-learning system, people with the following roles are usually involved: IT, HR, teachers, educationalists, content developers, purchasing professionals and managers. Are you a freelancer? Then, consider which roles you can fulfil yourself and who can help you in fulfilling the other roles.

The above is a selection of questions that I usually ask. Do you have any questions yourself? Please contact us or request a demo to identify your specific needs.

Any additional questions?

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Patricia van der Have

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