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At one time, the major approach to learning was the ‘face-to-face’ learning in a classroom setting. Today, many more learning interventions and approaches exist, and creating ‘the right mix’ of interventions leads to blended learning.

aNewSpring is designed to help training providers create blended learning. Whether you already have an existing classroom course you’d like to blend or whether you are designing a completely new blended learning programme – you can build it on aNewSpring.

Take a tour to find out more about how our platform helps you design blended learning. Alternatively, get inspired by reading some resources, below.

Jump start your blended learning journey

Here are some interesting blogs about blended learning to help you get started.

The benefits of blended learning

With all the learning interventions and approaches that exist today, the real ‘art’ is to create ‘the right blend’ of interventions that leads to the best results. Often, some type of e-learning is part of the blend, but not necessarily.

Tools within aNewSpring for blended learning

Blended learning means learning by combining various activities. The result is a more effective learning process with a higher learning outcome. Consider, for example, the design of a learning trajectory with both online and offline activities. In addition, you can also use various work forms within an online trajectory. This is how the platform of aNewSpring offers various possibilities to achieve blended learning.

The difference between blended and hybrid learning

Back in the day learning was something that was done more or less the same at each school. Students sat down, listened to their teacher, took notes and did tests and exercises. Those who were good at this were lucky and probably got good grades. But if you had a hard time following classes like this, well, that was just too bad.

Create the perfect blend in 3 steps

Online learning can be created in a lot of different ways, but how can you make a good blend of learning activities? Today I’d like to share with you a way to do this.

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Create your own
blended learning recipes

With the Inspiring Learning Cookbook!

The inspiring learning cookbook is a perfect first step.
It explains the basic steps of developing a blended learning journey.

How do others use it

Here are some cases how other trainers and companies used blended learning in their journey.

BUILD UP Skills: e-learning for the construction and installation sector

Sustainability is a hot topic, especially for the 300,000 people who work in the construction and installation sector? But how do you make sure they have the right knowledge about the topic?

NIBE-SVV: How they took the step towards online learning

While NIBE-SVV’s classroom courses were solid, they lacked substantial online components. How do you transform a training portfolio from completely offline, to mostly online training?

Railcenter: Creating a right mix of learning activities for their ‘learning on the job’ programme

Learning on the job may sound easy, but it is quite a challenge to do properly. A very effective programme was created by combining e-learning modules, animations, videos and assignments.

Fire-Learning: the fire and theory under control

To train firefighters, they first need to learn the theory, and only after that can they put their knowledge into practice. But what do you do when they turn up at the field day, totally unprepared?

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