The training platform for trainers and training providers

Training providers will benefit most from the aNewSpring platform, as they need a learning platform that focuses on delivering an excellent user experience to their learners.

Training companies

Training providers thrive when they are making an impact: allowing their students to learn smarter and perform better. That’s what our platform helps you to do.

  • offer adaptive learning journeys
  • blend classroom and online learning, perfectly
  • build an online course, anyway you like it
  • enrol learning any way you like
  • create sub-environments for different organisations
  • mobile learning


Trainers are a key success factor for blended learning, especially when they use a powerful learning platform.

  • always have a clear overview of what to do next
  • have easy access to statistics and overviews of how your learners are doing
  • tailor Learning Journeys so they fit your vision
  • access to powerful custom reports
  • reach out and motivate your learners

Customer/reseller training

Help your resellers learn how to position your products in the right way. Teach your partners and affiliates about new services.

Industry organisations

Want to support all your members in your industry? Help various institutions collaborate to develop an industry-wide learning and performance ecosystem.

Corporate training

Don’t manage your employees with an LMS, but help them learn; with aNewSpring.

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